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MRA VarioScreen Style VNB Review

MRA VarioScreen Style VNB-1719

About the best you can hope for from a small windscreen is to blunt some of the wind and bugs the road throws at you. Ask much more than that, and you’re usually looking at a larger, more expensive screen. At first glance, MRA’s VNB VarioScreen is designed to do the minimum necessary to call itself a windscreen, but thanks ...

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Motorcycle Windshields, Er, Windscreens

Here at Rider magazine, we get mail. Boy, do we get mail–email, snail mail, even hand-delivered letters and notes on occasion (though no one ever brings us a cookie. Sniff.). We love it all, good, bad, critical and even incoherent, except maybe the ones pieced together from letters cut out of a magazine. Your correspondence helps us maintain a good handle ...

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Laminar Lip Motorcycle Windscreen Extension Review

Laminar Lip1

[This Laminar Lip Motorcycle Windscreen Extension Review was originally published in the August 2009 issue of Rider magazine] With winter coming on last year I decided I wanted to get a little more protection behind the fairing of my Honda ST1100…build the bubble, so to speak. I could always ride over to the Rifle company here in Atascadero and have ...

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