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Washington Motorcycle Rides

The Cascade Loop: The Best of the Northwest

web-54-Whidbey Island-Northwest-Beach-Road

Riding a motorcycle in the Pacific Northwest is chock full of yin and yang. The sometimes long dreary winters feature predominantly gray skies and rain that lasts for weeks, but the summer months can be so crystal clear, with landscapes so spectacular, that it simply takes your breath away. At this time of the year, getting on the bike can ...

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Palouse Wheatland Treasures: Motorcycle Ride Through Washington

Fall…not my favorite verb, but definitely my favorite time of year for riding at the latitude where I live. Those of us who choose to ride “luggage challenged” bikes cannot find room to complain as tendrils of chilled air work through chinks in the cold-weather armor. It is a typical early fall day on the 47th parallel, where you wish ...

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The Olympic Peninsula: Travel in Northwest Washington

Victory on Hwy 101 02

Story and photos by Phil Buonpastore When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is look out the window. It’s a habit I’ve acquired since moving to the Seattle area. Given the sometimes long periods of cold and rainy weather from October to April, any clear day warrants an immediate change of plans to include getting ...

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Gorgeous Columbia: Seattle to the Columbia River Gorge and Back

web-06 FS99 - Mt. St. Helens

When it comes to unspoiled natural beauty, the Columbia River Gorge ranks as one of the most stunning places on earth. While that may sound like an overly hyped statement in an overly hyped world, in this case it happens to be true. Few places combine as many elements of beautiful geography and topography—mountains, rivers, lakes and temperate zones ranging ...

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Cloverleaf Around Yakima, Washington


When I last visited my friends Brian and Pam Rafferty in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to develop an article (Connecting the Dakotas, Rider, August 2009), they weren’t of a mind to leave one of America’s most livable cities. Well, the economic travails of the times dictated that they pull up stakes and follow a job prospect in Yakima, Washington, a ...

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Border Run: Montorcycle Travel in Washington and Canada


(The article Border Run was printed in the August 2012 issue of Rider.) Story and photos by Ben Getz Good things come in threes, they say…or is that disasters? Well, maybe it’s not that important, since both descriptions have been applied to my friends and me. One hot August weekend my disparate friends Chuck and Tim and I decided to ...

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