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Motor Trike Prowler RT – Ridden & Rated Review

Motor Trike Prowler RT (reverse trike) kit on a Honda GL 1800 Goldwing.

Today’s “trike” is not just a trike. Variants include everything from traditional units with two driven wheels at the back of a conventional motorcycle, to bolt-on kits that add two outboard rear wheels to the existing two for stability, and to newer design translations that place two steerable wheels forward and one driven wheel aft. The Prowler RT from Motor ...

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2016 Motor Trike Indian Roadmaster Tomahawk – First Ride Review

Just gawjus! The two-tone Roadmaster Tomahawk parked at the Sam Rayburn Library in Bonham, Texas.

“We’ve built several black Tomahawks, but you’ll ride our first two-tone model,” said Motor Trike’s Operations Manager, J.D. Vey. Black is beautiful, but the Springfield Blue and Ivory Cream Indian Roadmaster conversion was as stunning as a classic Hollywood-era Cadillac. A record East Texas drought had morphed into record rainfall and flooding that was forecasted to slacken for three days ...

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Hannigan Motorsports 2012 Honda GL1800 Trike


Due to its touring prowess, the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing has long been a popular platform for trike conversions. The GL1800’s engine and drivetrain were not updated for 2012, but it got all-new bodywork, so trike builders had to integrate the styling changes into their own designs. During the Americade rally in Lake George, New York, in June, I had ...

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2011 Lehman Storm Road Test

2011 Lehman Storm Trike Engine

photography by Bill Stermer and Mark Tuttle [This 2011 Lehman Storm Road Test was originally published in the December 2011 issue of Rider magazine] Lehman’s trike conversions have been around since 1985, and its Harley-Davidson and Honda Gold Wing conversions have been a staple on American roads for years. In 2009, Lehman decided to add a lighter, less expensive model to ...

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Yamaha Royal Star Venture/Hannigan Trike Conversion Road Test


story and photography by James Parchman [This Yamaha Royal Star Venture/Hannigan Trike Conversion Ridden & Rated was originally published in the March 2011 issue of Rider magazine] Like some recent sports and entertainment notables, motorcycles occasionally experience positive character changes as a result of forced intervention. This certainly was the case with the Yamaha Royal Star Venture on which we racked ...

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2010 Lehman Crossbow Powered by Victory Road Test

2010 Lehman Crossbow Powered by Victory Review | Rider Magazine

photography by the author and Mike Callahan [This 2010 Lehman Crossbow Powered by Victory Road Test was originally published in the July 2010 issue of Rider] Trikes, with one wheel in front, two behind, have been around the motorcycle world for more than a hundred years; the earliest picture I can find is an 1895 DeDion. But touring trikes are ...

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2008 Lehman Renegade Trike Road Test


We’ve seen them at rallies and rolling down the road, three-wheeled vehicles based on motorcycles that are referred to as “trike conversions.” The conversion process is usually performed by a dealer and consists of substituting a differential and a pair of rear wheels for the bike’s single rear wheel, and adding appropriate bodywork. One of the major companies performing such ...

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