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Motorcycle Tour with Ride Ottawa Canada


Eight of us were invited to Canada by the Ottawa Valley Tourism Association, Go Ride Ottawa and Trillium Motorcycle Tours to explore the promise of their spectacular province’s slogan, “Yours to Discover,” by traveling the Ottawa Valley and Algonquin Provincial Park. So, after a long day of individual treks from our home bases, we arrived at the Ottawa (Canada) Airport, ...

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Newfoundland Adventure: Motorcycle Travel Feature


I had ridden 1,000 miles to catch the 11:30 a.m. ferry to Newfoundland. But I was late and lost and boarding closed in 10 minutes. I had made the classic GPS mistake—punched in a destination without checking a map. I was in Sydney, Nova Scotia, but the ferry was boarding in North Sydney, 12 miles away. After a desperate dash ...

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Muskoka by Motorcycle: Riding in Ontario, Canada

web-Williams 17 (Custom)

I have never owned a boat. That is not to say I don’t enjoy them. I learned to sail aboard catamarans and to water ski behind speedboats. I have zipped across the water on many personal watercraft, none more fun than the Suzuki-powered Wetbike hydrofoil that behaves remarkably like a motorcycle on the water. Many times I have ridden my ...

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Edelweiss Baja Motorcycle Tour


story and photography by Rich Cox [This Edelweiss Bike Travel Baja motorcycle tour was originally published in the April 2007 issue of Rider magazine] Mexico’s Baja California cape is 800 miles long, the fourth longest peninsula in the world. Known as La Frontera (The Frontier), it’s a sparsely populated wilderness, startling in its immensity and featuring an amazing variety of ...

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Experiencing Southern Italy from an Edelweiss Tour Center


story and photography by Bill Stermer Calabria, the region located in the lower foot of the “boot” that is Italy, is a much more laid-back, slower-paced region than the more bustling, upscale north. Warm, rural and hilly, Calabria’s livin’ is simpler and quieter than the more popular Alps. That’s why I was so enthusiastic about taking part in a new ...

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Beach’s Classic Alpine Tour


by Clement Salvadori photography by the author and Sue Salvadori It had been a long day over many glorious miles. Late in the afternoon half a dozen of us, admittedly a bit weary, were standing high on a mountainside overlooking a beautiful Alpine valley…with no sign of our destination. One of our number said, “Gee, I’d really like to be ...

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Looping the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia


by Peter Starr photography by the author and Thom Tyre Forty years ago I lived in Vancouver and was a successful rock-and-roll radio DJ. Fresh from England with the appropriately thick accent, I was on a first-name basis with many of the top English rock icons. I pretty much had it made, or at least had it relatively easy. At ...

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Madagascar Motorcycle Tour


story and photography by Jeremy Bullard I never set out to ride around the world. I changed my mind in Peru because I was having too much fun and didn’t want to stop. Travel is addictive and a lot more fun than working. I decided to go to Madagascar after I read Hilary Bradt’s guidebook. She has been there more ...

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Canada to Argentina Motorcycle Tour


story and photography by John Wellburn Dear Rider magazine, On November 22, 2003, I left my hometown of Williams Lake, British Columbia, with no more than a desire to get away from the winter cold and see and do as much as possible along the way. For six months I rode through the United States, down the Baja Peninsula, over ...

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