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Motorcycle Tires: Reviews

Dunlop Elite 3 Multi-Tread Motorcycle Tires


Honda’s GL1800 Gold Wing is a well-balanced machine, combining comfort and performance in a bike whose size and heft seem at odds with its eye-opening acceleration and handling. One area in which that balance is off, however, is tire wear. Rack up a lot of highway miles and you’ll often reach the end of useful tread life in the middle ...

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Metzler Has Special Offer on the Sportec Interact M5 Motorcycle Tire

After launching the multi-compound Sportec Interact M5 earlier this year to tremendous success, Metzeler is now offering consumers the chance to try the latest supersport offering with a limited time promotion. While supplies last, receive a free front 120/70ZR-17 Sportec Interact M5 with the purchase on an M5 rear. To qualify, register at getmetzeler.com/m5/, purchase a rear tire and receive ...

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Continental TrailAttack 2 Motorcycle Tires Review

ContiTrailAttack 2

Adventure-touring riders are faced with a potentially bewildering variety of tires for their bikes from which to choose. Fortunately, most of us have a pretty good idea how much off-road riding we actually do with these versatile but large and heavy motorcycles, and can use that as our guide. Serious off-roading requires barely street-legal knobbies and lower speeds on the ...

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2013 Buyers Guide: Touring and Sport-Touring Tires


Tires seem to be a pretty simple proposition. They’re round and they’re black. All we ask of them is that that they grip well, last a decent number of miles and don’t cost too much. However, beneath this rather bland exterior lies a tremendous amount of technology born of relentless research. To understand them, one must recognize the series of ...

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Mitas is Recalling 1,752 Tubeless E-07 Motorcycle Tires


The Czech tire producer Mitas is voluntarily recalling 1,752 tubeless E-07 motorcycle tires from the market. These tires were sold to customers mostly in Europe, but also in the United States and Canada. The tire sizes subject to recall are: 110/80-19 M/C 59T E-07 TL MI 100/90-19 M/C 57T E-07 TL MI 110/80-19 M/C 59T E-07 DAKAR TL MI Under ...

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Continental’s Latest Attack Series Motorcycle Tires Review


Late in May, Continental Tires invited the press to its facilities near Hannover, Germany, to experience the latest in its line of new ContiAttack motorcycle tires, primarily the RoadAttack2 GT and SportAttack2. Continental also announced new sizes in its Conti TrailAttack and TKC 80 enduro tires for the North American market. In addition to the usual tech briefings, we also ...

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Pirelli Scorpion Trail Motorcycle Tires


When fellow contributor Jerry Smith reviewed Pirelli’s Scorpion Trail tires in the January 2011 issue, he concentrated on their street performance. After testing the Scorpions on my BMW F 800 GS on local fire roads, I can now relate the “dual” side to Jerry’s “sport” review of these multi-purpose tires. ’Twas a dreary morn that I ventured to yon mountains ...

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2012 Touring & Sport-Touring Tire Buyers Guide


Chances are you’ve been in the dating game at some time in your life and, if so, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of having several choices. You’ve dated a number of people and none of them is perfect, but you really like certain aspects of various individuals. Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine these traits into a single ...

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Erasing Doubt: Car Tires on Motorcycles

Tales from the Dark Side

The forces placed on a car and its tires during cornering are primarily lateral forces that try to push the car and the tires sideways across the pavement. Conversely, as a motorcycle leans into curves, the cornering force is what is known as camber force. In other words, the force comes at an angle down through the bike and into ...

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