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Motorcycle Tires: Reviews

Continental TKC 70 Tires Review

Continental TKC 70 Tires

  If there’s a staple tire among the street-legal knobbies out there for dual-sport and adventure-touring bikes, it’s probably the Continental TKC 80. This square-knobbed stalwart is popular because it’s fairly quiet, reasonably sticky on dry tarmac and safe in the rain, yet digs its big, widely spaced knobs into dirt, gravel and mud as tenaciously as many off-road-only tires. ...

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Heidenau K60 Scout Motorcycle Tires Review


Choosing a tire for a multi-surface tour isn’t always easy. You want a tread that’s aggressive enough to grip anything you might encounter, yet wears well enough to last the ride. Do you choose one of the street-oriented dually skins and hope for minimal sand and mud along the track? Or do you spoon on the security of knobbies, understanding ...

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Michelin Pilot Road 4 Sport-Touring Tires Review


There are many dedicated sport-touring motorcycles to choose from, but sport touring—anything from a weekend trip to a yearlong escape that puts a premium on lean angle—can be done on just about any motorcycle, from a sportbike clad in soft luggage to a fully-farkled adventure bike. Given the broad range of motorcycles used for sport touring, Michelin’s latest S-T tire, ...

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Metzeler USA Launches Consumer Rebate on ME 888 Marathon Ultra Tires

Metzeler USA is offering consumers additional incentive to get out and ride on the new and acclaimed ME 888 Marathon Ultra motorcycle tires during the month of May—a $50 Metzeler Visa Prepaid Card by mail-in-rebate. “Riders everywhere are looking forward to enjoying the open roads after a harsh winter, and there’s no better tires for V-Twin and custom touring motorcycles ...

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Consumer Tire Rebate From Dunlop and Harley-Davidson

Dunlop Motorcycle Tire Rebate

Participating Harley-Davidson dealers and Dunlop are teaming up to offer a $40 consumer mail-in rebate on a set of Harley-Davidson-branded Dunlop tires purchased between March 1 and April 30, 2014. The offer applies to a set of two new H-D/Dunlop tires (excluding Police tires) and will be paid in the form of a $40 Harley-Davidson Gift Card. The gift card ...

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Michelin Pilot Road 4 Motorcycle Tires


Michelin offers its all-new Pilot Road 4 motorcycle tires in three versions: sport touring, trail and GT. The tires cover most categories of road motorcycles of more than 600cc. They were designed to deliver maximum safety in the most common conditions of use, especially on wet roads and when braking. The Michelin Pilot Road 4 delivers enhanced safety and extended ...

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Dunlop Trailmax TR91 Motorcycle Tires Review


One of the great things about getting older is that things I knew—or at least should have known—decades ago are now amazing new discoveries. Here’s my latest brainstorm. New, modern tires are better than old, worn-out ones. My 2009 Suzuki DL650 V-Strom came stock with Bridgestone Trail Wings, which worked just swimmingly—stable, predictable, capable—until they started looking like racing slicks, ...

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Metzeler Karoo 3 Motorcycle Tires Review


Before taking on the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route, we spooned Metzeler Karoo 3 tires on our 2014 BMW F 800 GS Adventure test bike and Paul Beck’s 2007 BMW R 1200 GS project bike (Rider, October 2013). Route 5 of the ORBDR is a 750-mile off-road track through central Oregon, from California to Washington. It meanders through national forests by ...

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Bridgestone Battlax T30 Sport-Touring Tires Review


The Battlax T30 is a new line of sport-touring radial tires, Bridgestone’s first tire to carry the “T” designation for “Touring.” The T30 features an advanced tread pattern designed to provide improved handling and dry grip when compared with its predecessor, the Battlax BT-023. A new front tire rubber compound maximizes grip and stiffness from the T30, and it also ...

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