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Tire Repair Kits

Stop and Go Tubeless Tire Repair Kits


Ideally all tubeless tires should be repaired from the inside/out. The Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger allows you to make an on-the-spot, on-the-wheel repair. The unique mushroom shape of these rubber plugs seal off the puncture on the inner wall while the stem expands under pressure to completely fill the hole. A simple turn of the Allen wrench inserted ...

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Dynaplug Pro Tubeless Tire Repair Kit Review


Few motorcycle breakdowns are as common or as irritating as a flat tire. Even if you’re packing a plug kit, too often the glue has hardened from disuse and you’re still dead in the water. The beauty of the Dynaplug Pro Aluminum tire plug tool is that it can plug a tubeless tire quickly and easily, and it doesn’t require ...

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