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Sport Touring’s Most Common Mistakes

As a solo and two-up sport tourer of many moons, in my experience there are two mistakes many canyon strafers make more often than most. No. 1 is hugging the centerline in blind left turns. No. 2 is riding over your head in order to keep up with a faster group. I have seen more accidents as a result of ...

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Rider Alaska and Yukon Tour, The Last Frontier

Final Cell Phone Blog Most photos by Genie Tuttle Penultimate evening, Talkeetna, Alaska. Denali’s ulu-knife top is sheathed in ever-present clouds, then clears suddenly and slices the red-orange skin of sunset, opening a stream of darker shadowy blood across the sky. It’s only the second clear day in this part of Alaska after raining for 32 straight. We are blessed, ...

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Rider Alaska & Yukon Tour Part II

Cell Phone Blog Day 10 Miles: 1900-plus (Dawson City Group, 2600; Roger, lost count) New friends: 10 Border crossings: 4 Rain riding: 8-10 min. Amazing sunrises: 4 (asleep for sunsets so far) Mosquito Bites: 11 Belly laughs: 1298 Wasp stings: 1 Bear sightings: 2 Caribou: 1 Wolf: 1 Porcupine: 1 Tipovers: 1 2010 R 1200 GS MPG: 45.0 My 07 ...

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Rider Alaska and Yukon Tour with Ayres Adventures

“The last foreign country still friendly to Americans,” read the first, but far from last, hand-scrawled sign we would see expressing the many interesting sentiments Alaskans have for their state and visitors to it. These are independent folk up here, rugged individuals who are not a little suspicious of the “southerners” who come callin’ every summer. Motorcyclists on big, fancy ...

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