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New Rider to Iron Butt Record-Holder in Three Years Flat


What did you do in your third year of riding motorcycles? Maybe that was when you stepped up to a bigger bike, or decided you were ready for that weeklong trip. Kate Johnston marked her third year on two wheels by riding coast to coast. And back. And it’s not the two coasts you think. In July, Johnston became the ...

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Anna Grechishkina: 2 Years, 5 Continents, 50 Countries


Ten years ago, Ukrainian traveler Anna Grechishkina had no ties to motorcycling. Her family members didn’t ride. Her friends didn’t ride. But she was somehow drawn to it, and it has now become a way of life. On a whim at the age of 25, Anna decided to get her motorcycle license (which she said is quite a lengthy process ...

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Track Day for Street Bikes


When I get on a motorcycle I want to ride far, preferably somewhere I haven’t been before. The idea of repeating the same 1.7 miles over and over never really appealed to me. A track day for non-sportbikes changed my mind. On August 19, 2014, Tony’s Track Days offered its first-ever track day for non-sportbikes at Thompson Motorsports Park in ...

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Relaxed Riding on the Sunshine State's Bridges and Backroads


Enjoying a motorcycle ride through Florida is an exercise in skillful navigation. The highways around Orlando and Tampa, and from West Palm Beach to Miami are crowded and crazy with traffic, so the challenge for a rider is to find the more interesting routes in central Florida and along the coasts where tourists do not go. Believe it or not, ...

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The Kansas Motorcycle Museum


The prairie states are filled with automobile collections calling themselves museums and debris-filled barns devoted to ancient farm implements. There are museums dedicated to barbed wire. I passed a small billboard, hiding in a windbreak of trees, announcing the Kansas Motorcycle Museum. When I saw another motorcycle turn down a side road, toward Marquette, I figured what the hey. Marquette ...

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Connecting the Curvy Bits in Eastern Tennessee


A sweeping 180-degree turn curved upward into the hills of Frozen Head State Park, and our guides, from the local Harley shop, were quite understanding. “I think yu’all ride a lil’ bit faster than us, so yu’all go on ahead and we’ll catch up at the next stop sign.” And off we went, three experienced motorcyclists chasing each other up ...

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Motorcycle Travel By Chaptering


Chap·ter·ing (chap’-ter-ing) v. 1. To tour cross-country, intermittently, by motorcycle. 2. Completing a series of small road trips that, when combined, are a significant excursion. 3. Storing a motorcycle and gear at varied destinations then returning periodically for more adventure. Touring by motorcycle is the perfect way to cover a lot of country and really experience it at the same ...

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Chuck’s Race—Anything Can Happen….


I’m one lucky guy. Since I was a kid it seems things have somehow gone the right way for me. Whenever I’ve come to a fork in the road I’ve managed to choose the correct path. Granted the ride hasn’t always been perfect and I’ve been bruised a bit, but I’ve generally made good choices. Almost all of this can ...

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Clancy's Conquest: The First Ride Around the World


Carl Stearns Clancy had a curious mind and a restless soul. Growing up in New England at the dawn of the 20th century, this wayward son of a preacher would comb cemeteries in search of amusing epitaphs. In 1908, he followed his older brother George to Syracuse University, only to conclude that, “College seemed awfully dull.” Not even bustling New ...

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Sport Touring in Southeastern Australia

Fitzroy Falls south of Sydney-069

If you go by such films as Mad Max and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Australia must seem like a vast desert continent. In his book, The Sunburned Country, Bill Bryson describes Australia as “mostly empty and a long way away.” Both are not necessarily wrong, but don’t provide a complete picture. Although Australia is the hottest, ...

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