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Great American Motorcycle Expedition of a Polish Girl

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Weronika Kwapisz, a rider, traveler, and author of the e-book Everything Starts From a Dream, recently crossed North America on an 80-day solo adventure on a Triumph Bonneville. Weronika, who is known for her lonely, daring expedition across Europe on a little 125cc motorcycle, planned the North American journey to discovery the continent from the inside out. Thanks to her 94-year-old grandmother, ...

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Sport Touring in Southeastern Australia

Fitzroy Falls south of Sydney-069

If you go by such films as Mad Max and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Australia must seem like a vast desert continent. In his book, The Sunburned Country, Bill Bryson describes Australia as “mostly empty and a long way away.” Both are not necessarily wrong, but don’t provide a complete picture. Although Australia is the hottest, ...

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The 40-Year Ride: A Look Back at Four Decades of Rider Magazine


You can look at 452 issues of Rider magazine in a lot of ways. End-to-end, for example, they would run just over 400 feet, or in a stack more than 10-feet high. Another way that’s a bit more impressive is to consider the hundreds of thousands of motorcycle miles our staff and contributors have ridden to bring you 40 year’s ...

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WindBlownAmy: Artist, Rider, Survivor

Amy Jean Nichols-004

The sidecar rig had an unlikely driver, a small woman with long, braided, graying hair. Some might have dismissed her as just another biker chick. But as I was about to learn, there was much more to her than the suntan and shades indicated. We were both on our way to Alaska and stopped for the night at a campground ...

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Arizona's 'Motorcycle Graveyard' Burns in Fire


All Bikes has been a mainstay in the small town of Rye, Arizona, since 1988 when owner Ron Adler packed up his collection of old two-wheelers and moved from Tacoma, Washington, to the desert 60 miles northeast of Phoenix. On Saturday, June 29, 2013, a fire started in Adler’s salvage-yard-style lot, which encompasses the largest collection of two-wheeled artifacts in ...

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The Timeless Ride, Profile: Hubert Kriegel, World Traveler


After his third daughter, Jessica, graduated from college, Hubert Kriegel realized something. He could stay in the daily grind, and 10 years from now he would still be poor. Or he could do what he always wanted to do: travel on a sidecar, and in 10 years he would be poor. What a decision! Soon Hubert will be starting his ...

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Southern Loop: Eldorado by Eldorado


Would you set out for South America on a bike you bought last week, from someone in another country? We’re pretty sure what the answer to that one would be…for most people. Bruce Baillie isn’t most people. Bruce has covered much of the globe in his freewheeling blue-collar career, and has taken many motorcycle rides around Asia, but a few ...

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Rising From the Ashes


Motorcycling is everything to Jim Key. He got his first motorcycle at age 10 and makes a living doing what he loves, running a videography business filming motorcycle trips and races. Jim met his wife, Jeannie, at a motorcycle rally and they both love to ride. Jeannie has done some work for Honda’s motorcycle events, and Jim worked for BMW ...

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Rider Magazine is Now on Pinterest


Rider magazine now has a Pinterest page to showcase its motorcycle and travel photos. The  page features boards for each of the popular motorcycle brands, previous magazine covers, as well as a board showcasing scenic views of the fabulous places our writers have ridden across the globe. To access our Pinterest page, visit pinterest.com/ridermagazine. Make sure to “Follow” us to ...

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El Tanque: A Russian Conquest of Latin America


I looked at the steep slope in front of me, littered with large boulders, deep ruts and debris, and wondered how I’d gotten myself into such a mess. I had already walked up the trail to check if my big Ural would make it around one particularly large boulder in the center of the narrow path. It was going to ...

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