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Oklahoma Motorcycle Rides

Great Roads: Oklahoma


Upon entering Oklahoma, a decorative granite sign demarcates the state line, followed soon by a billboard depicting a Buffalo Bill character, waving his Stetson, astride a spotted horse rearing out of the sign in welcoming exhortation. My next stop was the Route 66 museum in Clinton. This so-called Mother Road became the highway of opportunity for Depression-era Oklahoma Dust Bowl ...

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Oklahoma Motorcycle Ride: A Journey Through the Past and Present


Most states extend the welcome mat. In former times, upon entering the Sooner state on eastbound Interstate 40 and passing the stoic Oklahoma sign, a traveler first noticed the posted speed limits, followed by the fines listed in five-mph increments for exceeding said limits. Picketed alongside the freeway margin like a nightmarish Burma Shave scenario were additional warnings, one proclaiming, ...

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