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Riding the “Other Vermont”: Quebec by Motorcycle

The rolling hills near Bedford support numerous wineries.

The popularity of Vermont as a motorcycle touring destination is well deserved: it offers great roads, world-class food and interesting things to see. Yet one can expand this adventure a step further by experiencing the joie de vivre found in the “other” Vermont. Heading north from Burlington, Vermont, it’s a gentle cruise through the bucolic Lake Champlain Islands on U.S. ...

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Broadleaf Tobacco Road


It’s late summer in the Connecticut River Valley. As I ride narrow back roads past small farms that dot the region, the early morning air is heavy with a dense, sweet aroma that’s both familiar and pleasant. The distinctive smell is broadleaf tobacco curing inside tobacco sheds, slowly developing into natural leaf wrappers for cigars. Full disclosure: I don’t like ...

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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Tour on a Kawasaki Versys


There is a perfectly serviceable bridge on Interstate 84 that carries me across the Delaware River from New York into Pennsylvania in seconds. I know. I’ve crossed it many times over the past 28 years. But not today. Today is the sort of morning that gives June its good reputation. At the beginning of one of the northern hemisphere’s longest ...

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