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North Carolina Motorcycle Rides

Great Roads: North Carolina


The following is an excerpt from the article Of Ribs and Roads: Barbecue and Byways in the Carolina Mountains printed in the June 2004 issue. Franklin, North Carolina (population 3,800) is the self-described Gem Capital of the World, owing to the rubies and sapphires found in the area’s mountainside mines. Precious stones not your thing? There are gems for motorcyclists, ...

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The Blue Ridge Parkway from the Backseat

web-Blue Ridge 051

Plenty of riders have sung the praises of the Blue Ridge Parkway. But I’m here to give you the straight story from the passenger’s point of view. You remember us; we’re the ones in the turbulence, with no handlebars to hang onto and no clear view of the road ahead. Ours is a different experience from the front-seat rider’s, but ...

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St. Augustine SaddleSore


My favorite rides are usually on the Blue Ridge Parkway by way of the connecting back roads that bring multitudes of motorcycle riders to the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia. My home in Mayodan, North Carolina, is just 50 miles from the arterial ribbon of asphalt up on the Blue Ridge, and the North Carolina license tag on ...

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Tri-state Motorcycle Tour: North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia


story and photography by Clement Salvadori [this article about a tri-state motorcycle tour in North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, “Riding the Snake,” was originally published in the June 2008 issue of Rider] “Today we’re going to ride The Snake,” said Dave, over a cup of coffee. “We’re going to what?” I asked. “Ride The Snake. It’s what they call a ...

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Barbecue and Byways in the Carolina Mountains


Who in their right mind would trust a bony New Englander about Southern barbecue? Well, if you were right in your mind you’d be reading National Geographic, so it’s OK, you can trust me. I’ve traveled on motorcycles from Cape Breton to Georgia, so you might also trust me about roads to ride. With me so far? Head for Franklin, ...

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Motorcycle Travel Along the Blue Ridge Parkway


(This article The Blue Ridge Parkway: Commercial-free cruising was published in the December 2003 issue of Rider Magazine.) Overlooking the effects of acid rain atop Clingman’s Dome at the foot of the Blue Ridge Parkway, I watched the sun setting slowly over Tennessee in awe. Engulfed by seemingly endless blue ridges, I remembered growing up in the foothills of Virginia, ...

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