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New York Motorcycle Rides

Camping in the New York Catskills


Nothing is more exciting than taking off on a motorcycle trip for several days, and nothing adds to the adventure and challenge more than camping along the way. Motorcycle camping offers you a more intimate experience by adding a total immersion in nature. One great place for both beginner and veteran motorcycle campers to experience such a trip is the ...

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The Long Way Home in Western New York


As motorcyclists, we need the freedom riding gives us from phone calls and everyday family and work pressures. If you are like me, it’s rare to find time for an extended tour or even a weekend away. Over the years, I have tried to perfect a route near my home that features lots of turns, little traffic and stunning views. ...

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New Website Offers Downloadable New York Route Maps, Trip Options and Event Info


The Adirondack and 1000 Islands Regions in New York recently launched a new motorcycling touring website www.gotourny.com featuring bilingual suggested trip routes and travel information in both English and French. The website features 25 routes and scenic byways that connect the Adirondack Mountains to the shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence Seaway. Curated routes travel through  towns and villages, ...

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The Borderlands: A Colorful Cruise Through the Northeast


Like many riders, my favorite motorcycle-touring season is the fall. Mother Nature explodes with bountiful colors, scented breezes, vibrant blue skies and dramatic clouds floating across the heavens. That’s why my friends, Joe and Lynn Loverchio, and I chose the beginning of October to explore the borderlands of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The back roads of this tri-state ...

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Motorcycle Riding Through Scenic Eastern New York

New York Horses---29

I glanced down at the clock on my GPS and saw the time change from 6:59 to 7:00 a.m. I looked back up and saw Doug Gray pull into our meeting spot. Punctuality is a quality I have long associated with Doug. I’ve also learned to appreciate his ability to combine interesting roads into great routes. That skill is informed ...

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Sidehacking into History


Many motorcyclists consider freeway speed limits to be a barrier. On a Ural, they’re more like an accomplishment. But the thrill one feels at 75 mph on three wheels fades fast, and not much of life happens at that speed anyway. So less than a hundred miles of our 2,800-mile round-trip to the Niagara Peninsula took place on four-lane roads. ...

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Cruising Yankee Country: A Northeastern Four-State Getaway


If your goal is to ride Yankee Country with its rural roads, quaint colonial villages and charming churches, there’s no place better than western Connecticut and Massachusetts. On this interesting trip, I had the additional benefit of riding some of the scenic roads of northern New Jersey and southern New York as part of my motorcycling adventure. The roads of ...

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Riding U.S. 20 from Albany to Buffalo, N.Y.


(This story was published in the July 2012 issue of Rider magazine.) Story and photos by Clement Salvadori My duties at Americade, up in Lake George, New York, were finished by noon—I could have been in Buffalo by nightfall, had I chosen to hustle along the Interstates. But that’s not much fun; might was well take a plane or a ...

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