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New Jersey Motorcycle Rides

A Kool Kruise to a Hip Town: New Hope, Pennsylvania

New Jersey motorcycle rides, New Hope Pennsylvania

New Hope, Pennsylvania, is a popular destination for riders in the Northeast, not only because of its artistic vibe, galleries, restaurants, hip boutiques and 19th-century buildings, but also for the scenic roads that take you there. Sitting on the shore of the Delaware River across from central New Jersey’s historic Lambertville, riders have enough roads to explore for a day ...

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New Jersey Escape – Riding Into The Gap

“I’m so cool!” Mad Dog on a farm road in Sussex County, New Jersey.

When I want to put the congestion and stress of the 21st century behind me, I fire up my Kawasaki Nomad and tour western New Jersey and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Known simply as “The Gap,” the park encompasses the borderlands of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Cruising the serpentine rural roads of western New Jersey is like ...

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Cruising Yankee Country: A Northeastern Four-State Getaway


If your goal is to ride Yankee Country with its rural roads, quaint colonial villages and charming churches, there’s no place better than western Connecticut and Massachusetts. On this interesting trip, I had the additional benefit of riding some of the scenic roads of northern New Jersey and southern New York as part of my motorcycling adventure. The roads of ...

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Riding the Backroads of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York


story and photography by Kenneth W. Dahse [Riding the Backroads of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York was originally published in the July 2011 issue of Rider magazine] There’s nothing more adventurous and satisfying than hitting the road for a few days, especially if the route you choose offers good motorcycling and a variety of sights and experiences. We love ...

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Some of the Best of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania

story and photography by Kenneth W. Dahse When I think of a magnificent motorcycle trip it includes fantastic scenery, twisting roads, good restaurants, historic sights and a diversity of activities to experience. That’s why riding the borderlands of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania make a great motorcycling journey. Riders can cruise back-country roads alongside glistening lakes and the crystal-clear ...

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A New Jersey Homecoming


by Perri Capell photography by Perri Capell and Lynn Brown Many motorcyclists don’t have New Jersey on their hit parade of tours because of its reputation for, well, ugliness. Sure, I wouldn’t give you a plugged nickel for some of the views from the New Jersey Turnpike. But I spent almost 20 years in New Jersey before moving out West. ...

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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Touring from New Jersey to New Hope

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Rides: Millers’ Yellow Iris Farm

Story and photography by Kenneth W. Dahse [Pennsylvania Motorcycle Touring from New Jersey to New Hope originally appeared in the March 2010 issue of Rider magazine] Riders who want to combine a great destination with fantastic roads need search no further than this ride from northern New Jersey to the hip, little river town of New Hope, Pennsylvania. Restaurants, galleries ...

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Motorcycle Touring Northern New Jersey’s Skylands

New Jersey-Motorsycle Touring-Dahse-01

story and photography by Kenneth W. Dahse [Motorcycle Touring Northern New Jersey’s Skylands was originally published as a Favorite Ride in the July 2008 issue of Rider magazine] Unfortunately, many riders have an image of New Jersey inspired by Joe Piscopo’s famous lines from a Saturday Night Live bit: “I’m from Joisey, you from Joisey? What exit?” And The Sopranos ...

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