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Doubletake Mirrors Review


The stock mirrors on my 1998 Kawasaki KLR650 died honorably, in the line of duty. The left one bit the dust when my KLR tipped over after a challenging hill climb. As three of us stood around catching our breath, the small foot of the kickstand sank into the soft dirt and the bike fell over, shearing off the mirror ...

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Neduro to Dakar

Dakar. Just the name of this city, in the West African country of Senegal, evokes images of endless dunes, rock-studded roads and mile-long dust plumes kicked up by racing machinery blasting to the next checkpoint in the famed Dakar Rally. The event has migrated to another continent, where the Andes and the Atacama throw down new challenges to riders and ...

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Dual Sport Riding Techniques DVD Review


The off-road craze that began when Yamaha sold the first DT-1 Enduro in 1968 shows no signs of abating, but who would have guessed back then that dirt-worthy motorcycles would hit 1,200cc and top 500 pounds 40 years on? It’s the adventure-sized bikes, 650s and above, that prompted Ned Suesse and friends to create a video about piloting mammoth motos ...

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