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The Head Ride, Part III


by Denis Rouse Rider magazine’s founder and first publisher weighs in from a recent introspective road trip. Part III of III. This one’s going to be a real head ride. It’s a ride in my head going on right now. No need for a boring tire pressure check or filling up at the local fossil fuel station. It’s passing 5 ...

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The Haul Road: A Motorcycle Tour of Alaska’s Dalton Highway


My first ride to Alaska in 2008 was a 15-day, 7,600-mile affair and the fulfillment of a long delayed dream. Yet I still had the nagging feeling of unfinished business. In many ways it merely stoked my appetite for northern travel. This time getting to Alaska involved a 21-day, 8,400-mile round trip from my home in Northwest Indiana through the ...

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California’s Angeles Crest Highway and Beyond


Snaking through the San Gabriel Mountains, California’s 66-mile Angeles Crest Highway, part of State Route 2, provides exceptional riding and spectacular views. Part of the road was closed for repairs for five years before it was reopened briefly in May 2009, then the road was closed again due to fires. It finally opened again in June of 2011, inspiring epic ...

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Newfoundland Adventure: Motorcycle Travel Feature


I had ridden 1,000 miles to catch the 11:30 a.m. ferry to Newfoundland. But I was late and lost and boarding closed in 10 minutes. I had made the classic GPS mistake—punched in a destination without checking a map. I was in Sydney, Nova Scotia, but the ferry was boarding in North Sydney, 12 miles away. After a desperate dash ...

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Going Loopy for New Mexico: Motorcycle Travel Feature


At an overlook near Cumbres Pass (elevation 10,022 feet) north of Chama, New Mexico, I parked the 2011 Victory Cross Country to take a break. Soon I was joined by a man in a cowboy hat who had climbed out of his pickup truck to stand on a granite outcropping and peer through binoculars. He explained that he grazed his ...

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Continental Divide Ride Documentary Film Premiere


The Continental Divide Ride is one of North America’s “bucket list” adventures. For the last three years Rawhyde Adventures has been operating tours up and down the mostly unpaved, north-south cross-country route. RawHyde recently completed a documentary of what it’s like to Ride the Divide in partnership with acclaimed filmmaker Sterling Noren, who has made numerous films about world travel ...

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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Tour on a Kawasaki Versys


There is a perfectly serviceable bridge on Interstate 84 that carries me across the Delaware River from New York into Pennsylvania in seconds. I know. I’ve crossed it many times over the past 28 years. But not today. Today is the sort of morning that gives June its good reputation. At the beginning of one of the northern hemisphere’s longest ...

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Harley-Davidson Launches Global Authorized Tours


The all-new Harley-Davidson Authorized Tours program that will offer Harley-Davidson riders an opportunity to experience riding adventures worldwide. In partnership with 11 independent, multi-national tour operators, Harley-Davidson Authorized Tours encompasses more than 150 distinct tour experiences conducted across the world in 10 languages, with destinations in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. Participants can book tours as an individual or ...

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Alaska and Yukon Ayres Adventures Rider Motorcycle Tour 2011

Glen Highway Alaska

photography by Clement and Sue Salvadori Alaska and Yukon Ayres Adventures Rider Motorcycle Tour 2011 was originally published in the October 2011 issue of Rider magazine] Ah, the last frontier! Well, sort of. That’s an Alaskan slogan, which has been around a long time. However, for citizens of the lower 48, and Hawaii, a trip to Alaska is an eye-opener. ...

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Virginia on a Tangent

Virginia by Motorcycle

story and photography by Alan Paulsen [Virginia on a Tangent was originally published in the October 2011 issue of Rider magazine] Some states just don’t lend themselves to the type of perimeter runs I accomplished on previous tours of Kansas (Rider, November 2007) and the conjoined Dakotas (Rider, August 2009). Yet I still viewed Virginia as a candidate for another ...

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