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Motorcycle Tire Buying Tips (and 8 Tires to Try)

Sport-touring tires aim to deliver great mileage and handling performance for today’s high-tech sport-touring machines. The Metzeler RoadTec 01 has a tread pattern that improves grip on wet or dry surfaces, with a dual compound that offers cornering confidence and long life. The Shinko 016 Verge features an Aramid front tire for high-speed stability and strength, and a supersport-derived rear for performance. The Bridgestone Battlax T30 EVO uses new compounds to improve traction and control, especially on wet surfaces.

Some riders like to justify their hobby to non-riders by bragging that motorcycles are cheaper to ride and maintain than cars. But it doesn’t take too long to discover the flaw in that argument—tires. Unless you’re a hopeless farkle addict, tires probably represent the biggest ongoing expense of motorcycling. While the tires on your car might last 50,000 miles, the ...

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Dunlop Elite 4 Tires


Dunlop’s new Elite 4 tire promises extended mileage, a quiet ride and great handling. Unique Multi-Tread (MT) technology uses a long-wearing center compound along with special lateral compounds on the edges for cornering grip, and its tread is designed to provide even wear and limit road noise. An innovative depth indicator incorporated into the pattern disappears when tread depth reaches ...

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Tales From the Dark Side: Putting Car Tires on Motorcycles


From the Dark World of Nonconformity They Emerged…On Car Tires. Have you ever found yourself unwittingly in the middle of a heated religious or political debate between two vehemently opposed participants? Not since the dispute over conventional oil vs. synthetic oil have I seen such polarized and passionate opinions in the motorcycle world. The question is, unlike the face off ...

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Michelin Scorcher Tires

Michelin Scorcher (rear)

Michelin’s Scorcher tire line was designed and engineered specifically for use on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Scorchers offer superb tread life and durability, while Michelin’s ADT technology delivers excellent feedback and handling. Scorchers can now be found at both Harley-Davidson and Michelin dealerships. Offered in three versions: Scorcher 11 (original equipment on some Sportster and V-Rod models), Scorcher 31 (Sportster and Dyna) ...

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Continental TKC 70 Motorcycle Tires Review

Continental TKC 70 Tires

I’ve worn out my fair share of Continental’s popular TKC 80 street-legal knobs over the years, much of the rubber left behind on long pavement runs to the back roads I want to explore. In choosing a tire that would carry me 900 miles from Southern California to ride the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route and bring me home with rubber ...

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Avon Tyres Introduces Road Hazard Warranty Program

Avon Logo

Avon Tyres announced today a new road hazard warranty program offering free replacement of any new tire (excluding non-D.O.T. approved race tires) for accidental, puncture or impact damage. Simply complete the Avon Tyres Road Hazard Warranty form with the dealer at the time of purchase, and should a tire become unserviceable as a result of qualified tire damage including punctures ...

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Kenda 676 RetroActive Tires Review


Not long ago, options were few and far between when it came to re-skinning your 1970s or ’80s-era motorcycle. With time, more tire manufacturers have begun to provide options to those with older bikes, and it makes sense—there are a great many classics still on the road. Kenda is the latest manufacturer to produce a purpose-built tire in a variety ...

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Continental TrailAttack 2 Motorcycle Tires Review

ContiTrailAttack 2

Adventure-touring riders are faced with a potentially bewildering variety of tires for their bikes from which to choose. Fortunately, most of us have a pretty good idea how much off-road riding we actually do with these versatile but large and heavy motorcycles, and can use that as our guide. Serious off-roading requires barely street-legal knobbies and lower speeds on the ...

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Pirelli Scorpion Trail Motorcycle Tires


When fellow contributor Jerry Smith reviewed Pirelli’s Scorpion Trail tires in the January 2011 issue, he concentrated on their street performance. After testing the Scorpions on my BMW F 800 GS on local fire roads, I can now relate the “dual” side to Jerry’s “sport” review of these multi-purpose tires. ’Twas a dreary morn that I ventured to yon mountains ...

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Letters to the Editor: Dark Side


We received a tremendous amount of response to the article Tales from the Dark Side: Putting Car Tires on Motorcycles in the July 2012 issue. We printed a representative sample of letters in the September 2012 issue. Below are the rest.   LETTER I just got done reading Eric Trow’s piece on riders who use car tires on their bikes. Good ...

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