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Northeast Grand Slam: New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine


by Scott A. Williams photography by the author and Gregory R. North Lots of riders (your humble scribe included) have added GPS to their motorcycles. While I’m truly enjoying satellite navigation with turn-by-turn directions, hundreds of MP3 selections and thousands of points of interest, I did manage just fine for years without all that. The desire to explore has taken ...

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Great Basin Motorcycle Ride: Nevada, Oregon and California


Story by Denis Rouse; Photography by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli [This Great Basin Motorcycle Ride was originally published in the May 2008 issue of Rider] Quick, you old experienced touring rider out there, arise and identify the largest physical feature of the American West. The Rocky Mountains you say? Sorry, Larry. Take your seat. Think of the Great Basin and 210,000 ...

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Riding the Alps of Idaho


My buddies had deserted me to go for a ride in the European Alps, so I decided to visit “America’s Alps” on a trip through the heart of Idaho. Riding alone through the Gem state’s solar plexus for three days and 750 miles, I would set my own pace, stopping when I wanted, answering to no one. I had bought ...

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