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Z1R Seats


Z1R has several new seats for metric bikes. The 2-Up Predator Seat offers a lowered seating position for the 2010-2015 Honda VT1300 Stateline, Interstate and Sabre models. The Low-Profile Double-Bucket for metric cruisers lets you and your passenger ride comfortably into the horizon, and includes one backrest that can be used in the driver or rider position. Upgrade your 1998-2015 ...

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Bill Mayer Saddles Ultima Leather Seat Review

Bill Mayer Saddles Ultima Leather Seat on a BMW R 1200 RT.

Despite all of the welcome functional improvements BMW incorporated into the latest “water boxer” R 1200 RT, as far as my butt is concerned, sitting on a bare I-beam is the height of luxury compared to the bike’s stock seat. Indeed, the park-bench flatness of its shape and spongy, unsupportive foam result in abject misery after only a few hours ...

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Sargent World Sport Adventure Touring Seat Review

Sargent World Sport Touring Seat on a KLR650.

Maybe it’s because dual-sport riders are supposed to spend a lot of time standing on the pegs while picking their way over rocks and between trees, but the tall and narrow seats on dual-sports are usually pretty awful for longer, sit-down rides. The seat on Kawasaki’s KLR650 is shaped like a loaf of bread and offers about as much support, ...

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Corbin’s Dual Touring Saddle for the Indian Scout

Corbin’s Dual Touring Saddle for the Indian Scout

Corbin’s Dual Touring Saddle for the Indian Scout is ergonomically shaped to provide support and is designed to work with a Corbin backrest or with the Indian sissy bar. Order a single backrest and transfer it front to back as needed or get two for full-time use. The backrest angle adjusts to provide a personalized fit in both positions. The ...

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Saddlemen Adventure Track Seat Review

Saddlemen Adventure Track Motorcycle Seat

It takes time and miles to truly evaluate a motorcycle seat. An aftermarket seat that feels harsh and unyielding at first can become a joy in the long run. Conversely, that factory seat that feels so plush on the showroom floor (a subtle sales ploy) can become a posterior torture device in no time. I have now spent more than ...

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Sargent World Sport Performance Plus Motorcycle Seat Review


One multi-day trip on my new bike confirmed that the stock seat wouldn’t do. The foam was too soft, the flat shape created pressure points and I kept sliding into the tank. I wanted to correct these shortcomings and retain heated seat integration—Sargent’s new World Sport Performance Plus seat ticked all the boxes. “Plus” is a special edition of Sargent’s ...

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Skwoosh Seat Pads


The sheepskin wool and lightweight fluidized gel in Skwoosh pads relieve pressure, dampen vibrations and keep riders comfortable regardless of weather. The wool fiber in the natural sheepskin gel pad is soft, plush and resilient. Three sizes are available: the XL Touring Pad (16.5 x 12.5 x 9.5 inches) fits most touring bikes; the Mid Size (13 x 11 x ...

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Stealth Backrest for the BMW R 1200 GS from Pirates' Lair


BMW Backrest Pirates’ Lair has added a Stealth backrest for the 2014 and newer liquid-cooled BMW R 1200 GS. The lightweight CNC-machined aluminum Stealth bracket ($390) bolts directly to the rear factory rack via four furnished bolts and spacers and blends with the lines of the bike. Production brackets are covered with a textured powder coating in black or silver ...

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DriRide Breathable Seats from Touratech USA


BREATHABLE SEAT. The industry’s first truly breathable seat for adventure riders is available from Touratech USA. It works with the rider’s gear to wick moisture away from the body. DriRide Breathable Seat Technology was developed for riders in the Dakar Rally to improve comfort in hot conditions and over long distances. Moisture vapor passes through your gear, through the seat ...

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