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Motorcycle Rallies

The 26th Annual Hansen Dam British Bike Rally in Southern California


story and photography by Paul Garson Last year rain pelted the event, but this year’s 26th Annual Hansen Dam Ride was drenched only in sunshine…and chrome. A record 500-plus bikes of all makes, models, sizes, colors and dispositions showed up for what was ostensibly an all-Brit shindig, as it’s put together by the Southern California Norton Owners Club (SCNOC). But ...

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Corsa MotoClassica


story and photography by Paul Garson If you’re vintage enough yourself, you’ll remember when Ike was elected President, and after 40 years of rule in the USSR, Stalin signed off. DNA was discovered, Edmund Hillary scaled Mount Everest and Joe DiMaggio wedded Marilyn Monroe. And the Willow Springs International Motorsports Park situated in the high desert north of Los Angeles ...

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Great (Mis)Adventure: Six Countries and Garmisch BMW Motorrad Meeting


story and photography by Kevin Ash This was going to need some serious spicing up. You’d expect a weekend gathering of 30,000 motorcyclists in a single place to be a source of countless laughs, drunkenness, wild stories, mad antics and mayhem. But 30,000 BMW owners? That’s the annual International BMW Motorrad Biker Meeting in Garmisch, an upmarket ski resort south ...

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On the Road: Riding The Four Corners

Four Corners_2

story and photos by J. Joshua Placa In the Great Basin of the ancient Southwest, nothing is as it seems. Infinite expanses of petrified sand and rusted rock, cacti and eternal sky spread out before you, seducing the unwary traveler with the matchless excitement and wonder of an undiscovered frontier. Beware its sweet, deceitful kiss. The high plains desert is ...

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Honda Hoot 2005

Honda Hoot 2005_23

The Honda Hoot is like a wheel: If the vendors, demonstrations and demo rides at Chilhowee Park in Knoxville each day are its hub, and the winding Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina roads encircling the area are the rim, then the scads of special events that take place are the spokes holding it all together. This is a mighty big ...

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