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Motorcycle Rain Suits

Olympia Moto Sports Horizon Rain Jacket and Pants Review


Riding in the rain is either one of the great joys of motorcycling or one of its biggest hassles. Either way you look at it, you need a good rainproof outer layer to keep the rain out. Some riders choose riding gear made of waterproof material, but many others, especially those who don’t ride in rain often, prefer to carry ...

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Aerostich Roadcrafter Light Suit Product Review

[This Aerostich Roadcrafter Light Suit Product Review was originally published in the November 2011 issue of Rider magazine] Whenever I try “light” versions of products, such as light beer, lo-cal salad dressing and fat-free cookies, I usually find them tasteless and unsatisfying. I’d rather have less of the good stuff, or none at all, than a vastly inferior substitute. Even ...

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Treds Motorcycle Boot Covers


RUBBER DUCKIES. Veterans of cold, slushy climates are all-too familiar with galoshes, rubber overshoes that keep shoes from getting muddy or wet. If you or someone you love has motorcycle boots that aren’t waterproof, try Treds rubber boot covers ($36.95-$41.95). They’re 12 inches tall, slide on easily over shoes and boots (the tough, tear-resistant rubber stretches up to 800 percent ...

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