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Dunlop Roadsmart Sport-Touring Tires Review

[This Dunlop Roadsmart Sport-Touring Tires Review was originally published in Rider magazine] About three years ago the folks at Dunlop Motorcycle Tires took on the seemingly impossible challenge to develop a tire that would meet the unreasonable demands of us sport-touring types. We said, “Give us a tire that helps us feel like Ben Spies on dry pavement. Make sure it delivers enough ...

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Kaoko Cruise Control

In 1975 I bought a new Honda CB400-Four and rode it to Chicago from southern California, pretty much as fast as I could. The trip included several 500-mile days between free lodgings with relatives, and a butt-busting 750-mile finale. The little Honda ran like a top, but hanging on to the low handlebar on the café-styled bike gave me a ...

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Icon Airframe Helmet Review

[This Icon Airframe Helmet review was originally published in Rider magazine] I found a good way to see how well the venting system on my Icon Airframe helmet really works: Hair was still wet from the shower, vents were open and off to work I went in 47 degrees. Twenty-five miles later when I arrived at work with a very, very ...

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Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 Sport-Touring Tires

Following the introduction of the new Bridgestone BT-023 sport-touring tire line in Japan and my factory tour and tire review from that trip (Rider, August 2010 issue), for a real-world follow-up I sent two pair of BT-023s to my buddies Dick and Bryar, who own identical 2005 Yamaha FJR1300s and ride like demons. In addition to sizes for everything from 600 ...

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Alt Rider Potentiometer Guard

The big ol’ BMW R 1200 GS is certainly a tuff-nuff adventure-touring bike when your adventures are paved or mostly paved, and can even handle 75% of the places you’re likely to ride a dirt bike, given you slow down some. Until you drop it, that is. You don’t have to crash–just drop it. A stick-your-foot-out-and-find-air kind of tipover, or the sidestand ...

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Park-n-Move Motorcycle Cruiser Stand Review


[This Park-n-Move Motorcycle Cruiser Stand Review was originally published in the July 2009 issue of Rider magazine] All of my bikes sit on centerstands except my American V-twin. It leans over way too casually on its sidestand, and its footprint easily covers two bikes’ worth of space. Rolling it around in those tight confines is exacerbated by its rake, weight, ...

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Stop & Go Mini-Air Compressor Review


Just as carrying an umbrella or rain gear has a way of warding off inclement weather, packing tools and a patch kit seems to help prevent the inconvenience of roadside repairs. Or it could just be that today’s motorcycles are reliable and tires are durable. Nonetheless, whether you uphold the Boy Scouts’ motto or believe an ounce of prevention pays ...

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PulseTech Xtreme Charge Maintenance Battery Charger

Modern motorcycles are amazing. Technology has advanced to the point that nearly all new motorcycles are reliable, and they have good brakes, tires that grip well in the rain and suspension provides a comfortable ride despite our crumbling infrastructure. With 8,000-mile oil change intervals, 24,000-mile valve adjustment intervals and maintenance-free shaft and belt drives, today’s rider—that is, me—can get downright ...

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Continental ContiRoad Attack 2 Tires Test at the Contidrom

Greetings from Germany! Continental is holding the press introduction of its new ContiRoad Attack 2 tires on its home turf. Today we rode a variety of bikes shod with Continental’s “hypersport touring” tires at the Contidrom, the company’s proving grounds located about 35km from Hanover. Continental has been around since 1871 and it made its first motorcycle tires in 1907. Although it ...

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CruzTOOLS RoadTech M3 Tool Kit

Tools. Isn’t that one of the things that separates us as motorcyclists from the lower species like, say, politicians? A few days ago a friend of mine called to see if I could get him a tool kit to replace the one that now lay on the side of the road somewhere. A quick look at the CruzTOOLS website  and a ...

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