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Motorcycle Parts + Accessories + Luggage: Reviews

Rox Pivoting Risers Review

Rox Pivoting Risers-1

Bar risers are just as handy for the custom or cruiser rider wanting to tailor a motorcycle’s fit as they are for dual-sporters and adventure riders looking to be comfortable while standing up. Standard risers work great if all you need is a higher hand perch, but they don’t let you adjust the fore/aft position of the bars. What makes ...

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Progressive Suspension 444 Series Shocks Review


Motorcycle suspension technology has moved beyond the era when a pair of limp, price-point rear shocks was state-of-the-art, and nobody is happier about that than me. The problem is that now I expect modern suspension performance from every bike I ride, including my 2012 Triumph Bonneville, which came with a pair of limp, price-point rear shocks. It’s an unrealistic expectation, ...

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Nelson-Rigg Sport-Touring Soft Luggage Review


Lockable hard luggage isn’t available for all motorcycles, and when it is, a set of cases and mounting hardware can cost $1,000 or more. Although it provides less security and weather protection, soft luggage is lighter, cheaper and can be mounted to almost any motorcycle. California-based Nelson-Rigg has been making soft luggage since 1972, with products tailored for sportbikes, sport ...

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Motion Pro BeadPro Review


Roadside tire repair just got easier, especially for those of us running tires with tubes. Repairing a simple puncture in a tubeless tire is easy, but fixing a tubed tire, like those on my BMW F 800 GS, means breaking the bleepin’ bead. Until now, the best “portable” bead breakers were heavy and complicated. Motion Pro’s BeadPro bead breaker is ...

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National Cycle Plexifairing GT Windscreen Review

National Cycle Plexifairing GT-1992

Split personalities are nothing new to motorcyclists. Mild-mannered drones by day, toiling away at school or in the office or at the job site, then, as soon as the whistle blows at the end of the day, we turn into two-wheel adventurers. Your bike can reflect that shift in mood, too, with a full-coverage windscreen for commuting that comes off ...

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Wolfman Universal Saddlebag Straps, Pawnee Plate and Boulder Beta Rear Bag


Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage has new American-made products for 2014, including Universal Saddlebag Straps ($29.99 for eight), which are made of ¾-inch mil-spec nylon webbing and are 4½ inches long. These allow Wolfman saddlebags to fit on virtually any motorcycle rack quickly and easily. The new Pawnee Plate ($154.99) allows you to carry a 1-gallon RotoPax fuel or water pack in addition ...

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Progressive Suspension 428 Series Monoshock


Progressive Suspension has an all-new shock line called the 428 Series monoshock, which was designed specifically for smaller-bore sportbikes. The 428 incorporates proper spring rates and specifically tuned deflective disc dampers combined with a gas charge to prevent oil foaming. Each 428 is wrapped in an all-aluminum, threaded body for fine-tuning to match your riding style and weight for a ...

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Power Commander V

web-Power Commander V from Dynojet.

The Power Commander V from Dynojet ($359.95-$599) allows the user to control air/fuel ratios, spark and engine cylinder temperatures and simply plugs in-line with your bike’s stock fuel injection system. It allows a full range of fuel adjustment up to -100/+250 percent from stock with either a Windows-based computer or the faceplate-mounted button adjusters. No permanent changes are made to ...

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