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Motorcycle Parts + Accessories + Luggage: Reviews

Bilt Explorer Dry Bag Review


Maybe it’s a bit of literary stretch to claim that Jim Bronson was a famous motorcycle explorer. But after chucking a newspaper job, then duffeling his earthly possessions to his Sportster, Bronson’s stoplight conversation with a traditionally suited motorist resonated with an entire late 1960s generation eager to hit the road: Driver: “Taking a trip?” Bronson: “What’s that?” Driver: “Taking ...

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Touratech Desierto 3 Motorcycle Fairing Review


I knew from the get-go that wind protection was not a strong suit of my BMW F 800 GS. Earplugs sufficed while I made busy fitting other aftermarket parts. When I finally looked up from my accessorizing, the screen options had multiplied. Touratech’s Desierto 3 stood out from the crowd as a complete fairing with a two-way adjustable windscreen that ...

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Race Tech G3-S IFP Custom Dual Shocks Review


If you own and ride an older bike, obtaining upgrades for it can be frustrating. A year ago, I had Race Tech rebuild the fork on my 1976 BMW R75/6 (Rider, June 2013), and experienced a renewed joy in riding it. Not only was the ride improved, but it no longer leaked fork fluid on the front brake disc. So ...

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Nelson-Rigg CL-2020 GPS Tank Bag Review


Just about everyone needs a way to carry a few things––gloves, a sweater, a phone––when they ride more than a few miles. For years, tankbags filled that role, but the time is long past when you could just toss all your stuff in a big open compartment and rummage around for items when you needed them. These days you need ...

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DP Brakes Sintered Brake Pads Review


Going fast is fun, but the ability to stop quickly is essential. Because when a bad situation arises, the capacity to brake hard, scrub off speed and come to a safe halt will save your bacon. In a related thought, as motorcycle technology marches onward, it’s the brakes that often stand out most between new bikes and older machines. Case ...

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Dirt-Bagz Ranger Saddlebags Review


A lot of aftermarket companies make saddlebags and panniers for dual-purpose motorcycles. I’m a proponent of simplicity and softness—simple mounting and soft bags. I needed to give the Kawasaki KLR650 New Edition some luggage capacity for the Lost Coast story on page 36, and DBz Products has what I needed, with easily attachable metal brackets to keep the bags away ...

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Sedici Distanza Slant Saddlebags Review


Riders who want to mount the same luggage on several motorcycles or leave it off entirely can go with hard-sided bags at great expense, or take the inexpensive way out and use soft luggage. The Sedici Distanza Slant soft saddlebags from Cycle Gear ring the register at just $149.99 but are quite fully featured. Handsomely styled in black 1680-denier Hyper ...

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Race Tech Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators Review


If motorcycles could be ordered like cars, with a long list of options and trim packages to choose from, odds are some current equipment would all but disappear from the motorcycling scene. Damper-rod forks, for example, have long since been obsoleted by cartridge forks, and yet survive in many bikes priced below a certain threshold, or made for more pedestrian ...

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Butty Buddy Motorcycle Passenger Seat Review

The Butty Buddy is a portable seat, which overlays a motorcycle's small passenger seat or rear fender.

You’ve seen the video: A willowy blonde standing on a lonely stretch of highway with her thumb out. A chopperesque motorcycle slows to a stop and the rider nods for her to climb aboard. There’s no pillion so she perches on the rear fender, smiles and hangs on. They roar off as the music plays. If only it worked that ...

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Clearwater Voltage Sentry Review


No-maintenance batteries will start their die-off process the moment they are put into service. Often they will go from fully functioning to dead with little or no warning. Replacement is the only remedy, but that won’t help you much if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. Stator or rectifier failure catches riders unaware at the most in-opportune moments and, ...

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