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Motorcycle Parts + Accessories + Luggage: Reviews

Tech Q&A: Fork Oil Drain Plugs

A fork oil drain plug on a 1998 Kawasaki.

Q: Why don’t late-model motorcycle forks have oil drain screws? Didn’t they used to? I need to change my fork oil but really don’t want to take the fork legs off the bike. Can I drill and tap my own drain holes? A: I feel your pain! Through the ’90s, motorcycles with damper rod-type forks typically had drain plugs to ...

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Progressive Suspension 444 Series Shocks Review

Progressive Shock

Motorcycle suspension technology has moved beyond the era when a pair of limp, price-point rear shocks was state-of-the-art, and nobody is happier about that than me. The problem is that now I expect modern suspension performance from every bike I ride, including my 2012 Triumph Bonneville, which came with a pair of limp, price-point rear shocks. It’s an unrealistic expectation, ...

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Öhlins Steering Damper Bracket Recall


Öhlins Racing AB has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in the aftermarket steering dampers SD033/SD038 for the BMW S 1000 RR, and SD037 for the BMW R 1200 R. Öhlins Racing AB is recalling all affected aftermarket steering damper brackets of these models to rectify the issue. The cause is material being machined in ...

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Zero Motorcycles Launches New Accessories and Apparel Line


Zero Motorcycles, a leader in the electric motorcycle industry, announced an all-new line-up of accessories and apparel. Designed to meet the needs of Zero’s electric rider base, Zero is offering new accessories from premium lockable hard case luggage to heated grips and seats. The accessories allow owners to customize their motorcycles in ways that work best for them. Zero has ...

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Race Tech Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators Review


A vintage bike is a two-edged sword. On the one hand is the joy of having other riders come over and say, “Nice bike! What year is it?” On the other are the problems associated with vintage electrics, vintage reliability, vintage suspension and anti-stop brakes. My old bike of choice is a 1976 BMW R75/6, which I bought used in ...

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Harley-Davidson’s H-D1 Program


The Street Bob is the least expensive of Harley’s big twins at $12,999, but it and the Sportster 1200 Custom can be ordered with enough options using the HD-1 program to take them in many directions, be it even more custom cruiser, cruiser tourer or something in between. You choose from the factory and dealer options when you “build” the ...

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ColorRite Paint Touch-Up Review


[This ColorRite Paint Touch-Up gear review was originally published in the February 2011 issue of Rider magazine] So, there I am. It’s noon in the desert. I’m flat on a hotel bed waiting for sunset, anticipating a full-moon evening walk to dinner. The room AC is howling and I have a cold one in hand. There comes a knock on the ...

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