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Motorcycle Parts + Accessories + Luggage: Reviews

Dynaplug Micro Pro Inflator – Review

The Micro Pro Inflator comes with its own zippered carrying pouch.

Flat tires never happen at a good time or location. Motorcycles don’t carry a spare, flat-fix kits can be problematic, and when we finally do patch the tube or plug the tubeless tire, we still need a means to re-inflate it. CO2 cartridges are compact but unwieldy, and a good supply of them is necessary to fully inflate a tire. ...

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Traxxion Dynamics AK20 Axxion Cartridge Kit Review

BMW F 800 GS fork innards.

The stock fork on many motorcycles uses a damper rod design that is OK for daily riding, but shows its limits during spirited riding, no matter what type of motorcycling you favor. My rough-and-ready BMW F 800 GS is no exception; in spite of the marque and price, the stock damper rod fork was just adequate. My search for improved ...

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Touratech Parts and Accessories for Honda’s 2016 CRF1000L Africa Twin

Touratech parts and accessories for Honda’s 2016 CRF1000L Africa Twin

Touratech has developed a complete range of parts and accessories to make Honda’s 2016 CRF1000L Africa Twin the choice for adventure travel. The Africa Twin product range includes: pannier systems available in 31, 38 and 45-liter sizes, top case systems in 25 and 38-liter sizes, Touratech Suspension, an aluminum luggage rack, GPS mounting adapter, long-distance footpegs, handlebar risers, engine and ...

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Cobra’s 909 Twins Muffler for Harley-Davidson Baggers

Cobra's 909 Twins muffler for Harley-Davidson Baggers

Cobra has introduced the 909 Twins muffler for Harley-Davidson Baggers. The 909s break new styling ground while delivering a classic H-D growl for $399.95. The rear of the 4-inch round muffler is finished with a rolled scalloped tip that is matched with an inner core mirrored with the same scalloped shape. The cores are spiral louvered and produce a distinctive ...

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Touratech Zega Mundo Panniers and Zega Pro Top Case Review

Touratech Zega Mundo Panniers and Zega Pro Top Case

Big adventure bikes like our 2015 Yamaha Super Ténéré ES long-termer are incomplete without hard luggage. We tested Yamaha’s 61-liter accessory panniers during our last adventure comparo (August 2014) and found them wanting. We had to press down on the top-loading lids and carefully turn the key to lock or unlock them, and they couldn’t be left unlocked. And at ...

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Pittsburgh Motorcycle Tire Balancing Stand

Pittsburgh Motorcycle Tire Balancing Stand

Whether for an opportunity to save a few dollars or just to insure that the job is done right, many motorcycle owners change their own tires. But a tire change is not complete until the new rubber and wheel are nicely balanced. This product allows you to accomplish that easily, and without breaking the bank. While your dealer might spin ...

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Tech Q&A: Fork Oil Drain Plugs

A fork oil drain plug on a 1998 Kawasaki.

Q: Why don’t late-model motorcycle forks have oil drain screws? Didn’t they used to? I need to change my fork oil but really don’t want to take the fork legs off the bike. Can I drill and tap my own drain holes? A: I feel your pain! Through the ’90s, motorcycles with damper rod-type forks typically had drain plugs to ...

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Wunderlich SaferView Mirrors, Sidestand Foot Enlarger and Highway Pegs


Perhaps you’ve used stick-on blind spot mirrors that sacrifice some mirror real estate for a small, distorted view of the blind spot. SaferView mirrors for BMWs provide a larger field of view with far less distortion. The dual-contour mirror surface expands blind spot coverage with a slightly convex main section and an aspheric outer edge. Now vehicles approaching from behind ...

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Sargent World Sport Performance Plus Motorcycle Seat Review


One multi-day trip on my new bike confirmed that the stock seat wouldn’t do. The foam was too soft, the flat shape created pressure points and I kept sliding into the tank. I wanted to correct these shortcomings and retain heated seat integration—Sargent’s new World Sport Performance Plus seat ticked all the boxes. “Plus” is a special edition of Sargent’s ...

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Dustriders Motorcycle Hoist Review


Like most motorcycles, big adventure bikes are fine when they’re moving. But when a two-story-high, luggage-equipped moto-camel decides it’s time for a dirt nap, it’s probably going to take at least two people to get it back on its feet—maybe more if the surface is sandy, muddy or off-camber. If you can’t buddy up every time you ride off into ...

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