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Motorcycle Maintenance

A Clean Bike Is A Happy Bike

Regular cleaning and waxing is the key to protecting your investment…and maintaining a sharp-looking ride.

The first thing you need to do before you start washing your motorcycle is play it cool, “it” being the bike. Park it in the shade, or wait until the heat of the day gives way to cooler evening temps. Most cleaners and polishes are made to work best on cool surfaces; they dry out quickly when hot. Let the ...

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Top 10 Motorcycle Maintenance Fails


Like human bodies, motorcycles can take a lot of abuse and keep on running. But there are some sure-fire ways to screw up your motorcycle, often done through a combination of ignorance, incompetence and neglect. Treat your motorcycle right and it will do the same for you. 1. Not Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure Motorcycles, cars, trucks, you name it—there are ...

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Motorcycle Fuel Stabilizers and Short-Term Storage

Ready to put your motorcycle away for the winter?

  Rust never sleeps, and gasoline doesn’t keep. Do any of your motorcycles–or car, lawnmower, boat, etc.–sit for more than a couple weeks between uses? The best advice I can offer is…don’t let them. Running your vehicles every week–or two maximum–until fully warm is the best way to prevent fuel delivery problems with contemporary gasoline. When you can’t run them, ...

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Roadgear Programmable Digital Tire Gauge Review


If you’re an older guy like me you remember when a telephone was hooked to the wall with a cord, you typed your letters on a typewriter and a tire gauge was just a pencil-sized device with a rod that popped out when you utilized it. Well, if you’ve kept up with technology since then and have a Blackberry, computer ...

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Park N Move 2

By Joe Michaud I can’t speak for everyone’s garage but mine looks as if someone picked it up and shook it. The hassle of moving multiple bikes while perched on their centerstands makes access to my bench and bike lift difficult. Aaron Zimmerman at Legal Speeding has a cure. His Park-n-Move is a heavy-duty dolly that supports a bike on ...

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Morgan's Carbtune Pro Mechanical Manometer Review

Carbtune a

By James Parchman [This Morgan’s Carbtune Pro Mechanical Manometer Review was originally published in the January 2008 issue of Rider magazine] Modern multicylinder motorcycles typically have several carburetors or are fuel injected via throttle bodies. Carbureted or injected, if your bike has more than one fuel feeder, synchronization is a necessary ingredient in keeping the machine operating at an even ...

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