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Screaming Banshee Horn System Review

Full Banshee Horn System

Stock motorcycle horns are often rather pathetic little tooters, and most motorists driving with windows rolled up and the radio blasting won’t even hear your warning cry. The Screaming Banshee is designed to overcome this limitation while still allowing stock horns to beep-beep a pleasant greeting. Screaming Banshee’s Full Banshee Horn System comes with a single-unit air compressor and horn ...

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MetalArts Trumpet Motorcycle Air Horns Review


[This MetalArts Trumpet Motorcycle Air Horns Review was originally published in American Rider magazine] I’ve never been a fan of loud pipes. Mellow, okay, but loud, never. All they do is irritate Joe Citizen and deafen the guy riding behind you. And that stupid excuse that loud pipes save lives is just that, stupid. You want to wake up that ...

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