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Tour Master Advanced Textile Jacket

Tour Master Advanced Textile Jacket

When my daughter Julia began riding a year ago, my main concern was for her safety. This meant not only a good helmet, but also protective riding gear with CE-approved impact-absorbing armor. I also wanted weather protection to keep her warm, dry and comfortable so that her attention would remain focused on the road. That’s why I was so glad ...

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Facebook Prize Winner Tests New Aerostich Suit

Jimmy Pickett poses with his new Aerostich R-3 motorcycle suit, which he won in Rider's 300,000 Facebook Fans Giveaway.

Jimmy Pickett from New York was the winner of our 300,000 Facebook Fans Contest in January. He won an R-3 riding suit from Aerostich and had it custom made in his choice of colors and tailored to fit. This past weekend, Jimmy took his 2014 Honda F6B out of storage and went on his first ride of the 2016 season ...

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Aerostich Zero Below Zero Project


Aerostich and Zero Motorcycles are teaming up for a unique winter project that will give both companies the full Northern Minnesota treatment. A lightly winterized Zero FX electric motorcycle will be left outside overnight, every night, in Duluth, Minnesota, and then left outside at work all day.  No warm sleeping inside nice heated garages. No periodic washes. Just loving abuse. ...

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Storing Your Motorcycle for the Winter


Until global warming makes snow and ice a fond and distant memory, motorcyclists in some parts of the country will still have to put their bikes in storage for the winter. If you’re one of them, here are the most important things to do so your ride will be ready in the spring. Fill the gas tank and add fuel ...

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10 Tips to Stay Cool on Hot Motorcycle Rides


Warm, sunny weather and long days make summer an ideal time for motorcycling. But with 2015 on pace to surpass 2014 as the hottest year on record, you need to be prepared to deal with above-average temperatures, especially on multi-day tours where you’ll be riding several hours per day. These tips will help you keep your cool.  

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Motorcycle Camping the Lazy…Er, Easy Way


Motorcycle camping is an absolute blast, and the cost savings over hoteling can be important for a lot of us. Every few years Rider organizes a Camping Challenge ride (July 2012) to test the outdoor skills and equipment choices of our generally cheap, lazy staff and spoiled contributors. The idea is to be completely self-sufficient on a motorcycle camping trip, ...

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Progressive Suspension 444 Series Shocks Review

Progressive Shock

Motorcycle suspension technology has moved beyond the era when a pair of limp, price-point rear shocks was state-of-the-art, and nobody is happier about that than me. The problem is that now I expect modern suspension performance from every bike I ride, including my 2012 Triumph Bonneville, which came with a pair of limp, price-point rear shocks. It’s an unrealistic expectation, ...

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Race Tech Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators Review


A vintage bike is a two-edged sword. On the one hand is the joy of having other riders come over and say, “Nice bike! What year is it?” On the other are the problems associated with vintage electrics, vintage reliability, vintage suspension and anti-stop brakes. My old bike of choice is a 1976 BMW R75/6, which I bought used in ...

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Cardo scala rider G9 PowerSet Review


There’s no denying that social media has become a huge part of our lives. And the popularity of social networks continues to explode. Facebook. Twitter. FourSquare. And now…Cardo? Cardo Systems, the makers of the scala rider G9 Bluetooth motorcycle communication system, have managed to create a veritable social network for riders. With the launch of the online “Cardo Community” to ...

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Garmin zumo 350LM GPS Review


The enhanced navigational capabilities of the latest smartphones have started to give dedicated automotive GPS units some serious competition. But for motorcycle use, these special phone models still have several weaknesses. They’re not waterproof, vibration resistant or glove friendly, and using them costs money, particularly for premium A-GPS or GPS network services. Meanwhile you can access the Global Positioning Satellite ...

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