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Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route (AZBDR) DVD and Map Review


A couple of years ago, with two friends, I completed Route 5 of the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route (ORBDR), a 750-mile, north-south mostly off-road route from California to Washington through the central and eastern part of the state. The ORBDR is managed by the Oregon Off-Highway Vehicle Association (OOHVA), which sells paper maps of the various ORBDR routes. I bought ...

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'The Complete Motorcyclist' Video from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation


ESSENTIAL TECHNIQUES. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is offering an instructional video from ifz, Germany’s famed institute for motorcycle safety. For beginner to veteran riders, The Complete Motorcyclist covers essential techniques and delves into the science of two-wheeling. The two-hour DVD offers detailed information and tips on bike preparation and adjustments, braking, cornering, variable road conditions and more. It comes with ...

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Motorcycle Industry Council Releases Tire Guide How-To Video

The Motorcycle Industry Council has released a new Tire Guide video, a four-minute instructional video that highlights the importance of selecting the right tires for your bike, and shows you how to make regular inspections of your tires, how to maintain them, and when to replace them. Motorcycle tires are the crucial connection between your motorcycle and the road. Monitoring ...

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Ride Like a Pro DVDs and Book: Review


Since joining the Rider staff in 2008, I’ve attended riding schools on racetracks, on the street and off-road. Every school has taught me valuable lessons on how to ride more safely and proficiently. A few simple techniques that I learned early on, when I reviewed Jerry “Motorman” Palladino’s Ride Like A Pro V DVD (Rider, August 2008) and attended one ...

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Horizon Unlimited Achievable Dream DVD Series Review


Motorcyclists tend to be dreamers, captivated by the desire to explore new places and have new experiences. Perhaps that’s because our two-wheeled machines, extensions of ourselves that glide through space and time with grace, power and promise, are more like magic carpets than just modes of transportation. The masses pile into cars, buses, planes and cruise ships, their comfort assured ...

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Continental Divide Ride Documentary Film Premiere


The Continental Divide Ride is one of North America’s “bucket list” adventures. For the last three years Rawhyde Adventures has been operating tours up and down the mostly unpaved, north-south cross-country route. RawHyde recently completed a documentary of what it’s like to Ride the Divide in partnership with acclaimed filmmaker Sterling Noren, who has made numerous films about world travel ...

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Road Heroes: Motorcycle Adventure Travel Tales, Part 1 DVD Review


A tiny fraction of us will ever summit Everest, rocket into outer space or spend years traveling nonstop around the world. But we’re often mesmerized by the tales of those who complete such endeavors, the personalities of those willing to take on such challenges often as bold and fascinating as their adventures. The growth of the adventure touring segment over ...

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Beyond the Border: Riding Solo in Mexico (DVD Review)

Beyond the Border DVD

My brother, a friend and I have been talking about a trip to Mexico’s Copper Canyon for over a year. We’ve read Copper Canyon threads on ADVrider, past tour reviews in Rider as well as “Motorcycle Journeys through Texas and Northern Mexico” by Neal Davis and “God’s Middle Finger: Into the Lawless Heart of the Sierra Madre” by Richard Grant, ...

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Washington Backcountry Discovery Route DVD and Map


We the Moto-People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect network of roads less traveled, to enjoy ourselves for mile after mile, to savor the majesty of purple mountains, waves of grain and the fruited plain, owe a debt of gratitude to our forebears, those who explored, trail-blazed and cleared the paths we hold so dear, ...

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DVD Review: The Ride: Alaska to Patagonia

Oh, the perils of technology. Way back in April, the folks at GlobeBusters, a U.K.-based motorcycle tour company, sent me a copy of The Ride: Alaska to Patagonia on DVD for a review. Founded in 2002 by world-record holders Kevin and Julia Sanders, GlobeBusters specializes in extensive, exotic adventure tours. In The Ride, the couple take 11 British men with no adventure touring ...

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