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Olympia Moto Sports Nova Hi Vis Safety Vest

There is as yet no solid, scientifically gathered, peer-reviewed evidence that loud pipes save lives. Loud clothing, however, is cited by several reputable studies—including the Hurt Report and a similar study conducted in New Zealand—as a probable contributing factor in the prevention of the sort of car-bike collisions that often feature the car driver saying something like, “I didn’t see ...

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Aerostich Protekt Riding Jeans

Since we adhere to ATGATT (All the Gear, All the Time), Rider doesn’t show photos of folks riding in T-shirts, without gloves or wearing novelty “beanie” helmets. Very rarely you’ll see photos of someone riding in jeans; usually it’s Clem because, well, he’s Clem and with 55 years of riding experience he makes up his own mind regardless of editorial guidelines. ...

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Klim Stow Away Jacket

There’s nothing like a chilly downpour to dampen your spirits, especially when you’ve planned and dressed for a sun-soaked ride. The folks at Klīm, the dual-sport clothing specialists, have a solution to the sudden shower – their compact Stow Away jacket. It lets you dress for the sun but defend against the afternoon gully washer. Sewn from lightweight, breathable GoreTex material, the ...

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TCX Competizione RS Boots

Tango Charlie X-ray. Totally Cool Xylophone. I don’t know what TCX stands for, but I have come to love their boots. Formerly known as Oxtar—a name that was probably abandoned because it invoked images of livestock drenched in black goo, or because it sounded too much like “Oxcart,” something that is decidedly slower than a motorcycle—TCX is an Italian manufacturer of ...

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Shift Women’s Silhouette Jeans

These jeans are made of 12-ounce denim with spandex stretch so they conform nicely to a woman’s shape. They have 100 percent Kevlar reinforced panels in the butt, thigh, knee and shin areas for extra durability. Rise is midwaist, and the jeans have a five-pocket design with attractive styling. They come in two color choices: dark indigo (washed black) or ...

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Red Wing 971 Boots

Black leather boots are a staple in my wardrobe. Being lazy and all, I don’t like changing my boots unnecessarily, so I’m particularly fond of boots that can be worn comfortably all day, on and off the bike. And because I’m hard on boots—scuffing them when lumbering my 200+ pounds down the sidewalk or dragging them in tight, fast corners—only ...

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Speed and Strength Twist of Fate Race Suit

Speed and Strength, one of Tucker Rocky Distributing’s in-house apparel brands, likes to use bold, swashbuckling names for its products, like Moment of Truth, Hang’em High, Call to Arms and Hell ‘n Back. The one-piece leather suit tested here is called Twist of Fate, which seems freighted with dire predictions about the future. Wikipedia says the expression twist of fate means “an ...

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Tour Master Rincon Jacket

Last summer I acquired a three-quarter length Tour Master Rincon jacket, and after wearing it once for a 90-something-degree commute, it promptly got stuffed into the closet in exchange for something more lightweight. This past winter I dug it back out and now there’s no way I’d be out there on these 40-degree mornings without it. The only way I’d ...

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Diamond Gusset Defender Motorcycle Jeans Review


Review by Buzz Buzzelli [This Diamond Gusset Defender Motorcycle Jeans Review was originally published in American Rider magazine] The Diamond Gusset Defender Reinforced Motorcycle Jean has the company’s traditional delta-shaped gusset in the crotch, along with a new feature: Kevlar abrasion panels across the seat and in the hip and knee areas. The extra gusset provides a little more room ...

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VanStarr Leather Motorcycle Arm Chaps


[This VanStarr Leather Motorcycle Arm Chaps Review was originally published in American Rider magazine] VanStarr Enterprises introduces a simple, yet very beneficial product to the Motorcycle Industry; Motorcycle Arm Chaps. This unique product, similar to gloves, is designed to cover a person’s forearms, wrists, and hands, all while leaving the fingers totally exposed. Made with 1.5 mm to 1.8 mm ...

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