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Motorcycle Apparel Reviews

Gaerne G-Midland Motorcycle Boots Review

Gaerne G-Midland Boots_0110

World renowned for its history, art, food and wine, Italy is also a motorcycle-crazy country that’s home to some of the most revered riding destinations (Alps, Dolomites), motorcycle manufacturers (Ducati, Moto Guzzi), racers (Rossi, Agostini) and makers of apparel (Alpinestars, Dainese), helmets (AGV, Nolan) and boots (Sidi, TCX). Gaerne, which has been making high-quality motorcycle boots since the mid ’70s, ...

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Dainese Long Range D-WP Boots Review


These days, motorcycle boots are as specialized as motorcycles themselves, with different styles for sport/track riding, touring, dual-sport/adventure riding, full-on motocross and all points in between. A high-quality pair of waterproof touring boots offer the most versatility, as I’ve found with the Dainese Long Range D-WP Boots that I have worn almost daily for six months. Designed with just enough ...

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Suiting Up for Road or Trail—Adventure Motorcycle Gear

Paul Beck-2013-08-19-12.55.22

In our October 2013 issue, we introduced you to Paul Beck, an experienced adventure rider whose 2007 BMW R 1200 GS served as a project bike (Über-Adventure Upgrade). In addition to kitting out Paul’s bike, we kitted out his body. Since he’s a big guy (6-foot, 4-inches and 300-plus pounds), we sought out high-quality riding apparel that would fit and ...

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Joe Rocket Speedway Motorcycle Jacket Review

Joe Rocket Speedway Jacket_1312

“No skulls, no chains, no pointless noise,” is how Joe Rocket describes its Speedway jacket, and that’s a pretty good description. This is a well made, 1.2mm, drum-dyed, classic black leather motorcycle jacket. The only nods to decor are the optional red or ivory stripes that run along the sleeves from shoulder to cuff, and the reflective piping across the ...

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2013 Buyers Guide: Riding Pants & Overpants

web-Pants Buyers Guide

Blue jeans may be American motorcyclists’ riding pants of choice, but have you ever seen what happens to a pair of jeans when they hit the pavement at about 45 mph? Trust me, it’s not pretty. Nor are the bumps, scrapes and bruises that the rider experiences pretty either. Most riders will wear a helmet to protect their heads, gloves ...

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Olympia Moto Sports Avenger Suit Review

Olympia Moto Sports Avenger Suit

Not long after I evaluated Olympia Moto Sports’ Stealth suit (Rider, October 2008), the predecessor to the Avenger tested here, I crashed while wearing it. Mercifully, we rarely crash-test apparel, taking it on faith that the manufacturer’s claims for protection will hold up should we have trouble keeping the rubber-side down. The Stealth suit was pretty tattered after my tumble, ...

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Aerostich AD1 Riding Pants Review

Aerostich AD1 Riding Pants

Years ago, when I got my first set of custom-made racing leathers, the first time I put them on I thought something was terribly wrong. The arms were too long, the seat hung down like a full diaper, I could barely stand up straight––they just didn’t fit. The tailor listened patiently to me freaking out and then told me to ...

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Harley-Davidson Genuine MotorClothes Hi-Vis Rain Suit Review


Riders need to stand out, especially when visibility is reduced—and stand out you will in a Harley-Davidson Genuine MotorClothes Hi-Vis Rain Suit. It is available in orange or yellow, although the orange somehow seems a better complement to the huge, reflective Harley logo across the back. There’s lots of 3M Scotchlite reflective material on the jacket and pants, in fact, ...

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Qwi Nerve Protector Motorcycle Gloves Review


Most motorcyclists have, at random times and for unexplained reasons, experienced periods of hand numbness while riding. We usually shake it out and carry on. This product is designed to alleviate the tingling that can disrupt and bring an early end to an otherwise enjoyable riding day. Having spent time in hundreds of manufacturing plants around the globe, I’ve seen ...

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Mobile Warming Softshell Motorcycle Jacket Review


One of the best ways to start the riding season earlier in spring and extend it later into autumn is heated grips, seats, jacket/pants liners and gloves, even socks! As wonderful as heated gear is, most of it doesn’t work unless you’re on the bike or tethered to it by a black electrical wire. Mobile Warming’s Softshell Jacket, which draws ...

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