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Kaoko Cruise Control

In 1975 I bought a new Honda CB400-Four and rode it to Chicago from southern California, pretty much as fast as I could. The trip included several 500-mile days between free lodgings with relatives, and a butt-busting 750-mile finale. The little Honda ran like a top, but hanging on to the low handlebar on the café-styled bike gave me a ...

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Wolfman Expedition Dry Duffel Bag

In need of a catch-all bag for a ride-and-camp to eastern Oregon last summer, I picked out the Dry Duffel from Wolfman’s Expedition Dry Line collection. I was impressed by the heft of the bag just lifting it out of the box. Turns our that Wolfman doesn’t mess around with flimsy fabrics for these bags – the small Dry Duffel I chose ...

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SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker Review


Paul was the Ennis Del Mar to my Jack Twist as we rode our trusty steeds up to Brokeback (Sawmill) Mountain. His BMW, my KTM and our unbridled bromance on the trail. We stopped occasionally to send “all OK” messages via satellite, to take happy snaps and to take in the grand ridgeline views under a cloudless, cornflower blue sky. ...

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DVD Review: The Ride: Alaska to Patagonia

Oh, the perils of technology. Way back in April, the folks at GlobeBusters, a U.K.-based motorcycle tour company, sent me a copy of The Ride: Alaska to Patagonia on DVD for a review. Founded in 2002 by world-record holders Kevin and Julia Sanders, GlobeBusters specializes in extensive, exotic adventure tours. In The Ride, the couple take 11 British men with no adventure touring ...

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DVD Review: Hard Miles: The True Story of the 2007 Iron Butt Rally

It can’t have been easy to make a video of an event like the Iron Butt Rally, which has been described as an 11-day, 11,000-mile, cross-country scavenger hunt. There’s very little of what you could call “action” during the course of the rally, unless your adrenaline gets pumping watching people ride down the highway. You can’t even really send camera crews ...

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Icon Airframe Helmet Review

[This Icon Airframe Helmet review was originally published in Rider magazine] I found a good way to see how well the venting system on my Icon Airframe helmet really works: Hair was still wet from the shower, vents were open and off to work I went in 47 degrees. Twenty-five miles later when I arrived at work with a very, very ...

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Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 Sport-Touring Tires

Following the introduction of the new Bridgestone BT-023 sport-touring tire line in Japan and my factory tour and tire review from that trip (Rider, August 2010 issue), for a real-world follow-up I sent two pair of BT-023s to my buddies Dick and Bryar, who own identical 2005 Yamaha FJR1300s and ride like demons. In addition to sizes for everything from 600 ...

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Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Air Mattress

I’m always looking for the lightest gear I can find for motorcycle camping, and if it comes in a small package, so much the better. For a camp bed, nothing is as light or packs as small as an air mattress. And in the newly competitive arena of air beds, the NeoAir from Therm-a-Rest is the lightest and smallest. The one ...

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Alt Rider Potentiometer Guard

The big ol’ BMW R 1200 GS is certainly a tuff-nuff adventure-touring bike when your adventures are paved or mostly paved, and can even handle 75% of the places you’re likely to ride a dirt bike, given you slow down some. Until you drop it, that is. You don’t have to crash–just drop it. A stick-your-foot-out-and-find-air kind of tipover, or the sidestand ...

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Park-n-Move Motorcycle Cruiser Stand Review


[This Park-n-Move Motorcycle Cruiser Stand Review was originally published in the July 2009 issue of Rider magazine] All of my bikes sit on centerstands except my American V-twin. It leans over way too casually on its sidestand, and its footprint easily covers two bikes’ worth of space. Rolling it around in those tight confines is exacerbated by its rake, weight, ...

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