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New Radio Show for Motorcycle Riders and Enthusiasts

Show Logo 7

Tom Hicks, owner and founder of Southern California Motorcycles in Brea, will host a new radio program called “Ridin’ in SoCal” featuring motorcycle riders, industry leaders, club members, racers, magazine editors, and guests. Tom has more than 36 years in the motorcycle industry and was a motorcycle racer with five World Endurance Records, has been an M/C Club president, won ...

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Motor Trike Announces New IRS Conversion for Kawasaki 1700


Motor Trike, Inc. has released an additional Independent Rear Suspension conversion to add to their rapidly expanding product line. The “Challenger” conversion was designed to fit the Kawasaki 1700 family of large touring motorcycles including the Voyager, Vaquero, and Nomad with additional models to follow. Motor Trike dedicated itself to stylistically matching this new conversion to the motorcycle itself.  The all-new ...

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Scotts Steering Stabilizer Review


Most riders would list excitement as a reason they ride, but there are some thrills we can all do without. Whacking a rock mid-corner or nailing a pothole while leaned over come to mind. That weird wobble you get when finding an uneven pavement seam isn’t much fun, either. So it’s no wonder I’ve been enjoying the Scotts steering stabilizer ...

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Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Headset/Intercom Review

web-SMH10 w-In Helmet Mic

Wireless Bluetooth motorcycle bike-to-bike headset/passenger intercom units continue to improve. New technology advances the breed and the pace of progress quickens. But does the ad hype on the box accurately describe the real-world performance of the gear inside? The Sena SMH10 incorporates some of my wished-for improvements: more volume, the possibility of earbud audio and two mic design types—a boom ...

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2003 Honda VFR800 Project Bike


I guess I was pretty busy in my forties, because I forgot to have my midlife crisis. Now, 20 years later, I’m finally getting around to it with a 2003 Honda VFR800. While I still enjoy the performance and handling of sportbikes, the ergonomics are another matter—the years and a couple of crashes have robbed me of the flexibility I ...

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Storz Performance Develops Show Bike for New Line of Accessories


Storz Performance has developed a new line of Café Racer style accessories for use on 2004 to current model Harley–Davidson Sportsters. A new show bike, the Storz SP1200RR, has been constructed to serve as a rolling display case for these items. A hand formed aluminum gas tank and road-race style fiberglass tail section with custom Saddlemen seat pads creates the ...

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Case-Mate TANK iPhone Case

Case-Mate TANK

iPHONE ARMOR. Tough on your Apple iPhone? Case-Mate’s new TANK protective case may be the answer. It meets or exceeds the U.S. Department of Defense standard for sand/dust, shock/drop, wind/rain and vibration, and Detroit Testing Laboratory’s hammer impact test found TANK to be 2.5 times more impact resistant than the leading brand’s exterior. The retractable screen protector significantly shields the ...

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Writers and Riders: Meeting Melissa Holbrook Pierson and John Ryan


In his 1929 short story, Chains, Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy hatched the idea of six degrees of separation, whereby every person on earth could be connected to every other person on earth through a “friend of a friend” chain with six or fewer links. Nearly seven decades later, in 1997, American author Melissa Holbrook Pierson published The Perfect Vehicle: What ...

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Dunlop Roadsmart Sport-Touring Tires Review

[This Dunlop Roadsmart Sport-Touring Tires Review was originally published in Rider magazine] About three years ago the folks at Dunlop Motorcycle Tires took on the seemingly impossible challenge to develop a tire that would meet the unreasonable demands of us sport-touring types. We said, “Give us a tire that helps us feel like Ben Spies on dry pavement. Make sure it delivers enough ...

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Snider’s Paint Guard

Motorcycle bodywork, especially fuel tanks and color-matched luggage, is prone to getting scratched. We climb on and off motorcycles hastily, we bump into them, and, of course, there’s the occasional not-my-fault tip over. The realities of motorcycle ownership being what they are, I decided to give Snider’s Paint Guard a try. Installation is pretty basic. Thin tracing type paper is provided ...

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