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Aerostich Garage Sale is Nov. 29


Aerostich is having a Garage Sale, but forget the stereotype of little old ladies selling dusty tableware, chipped Mason jars and long-gone children’s items. This sale is for riders, with unbelievable deals on great motorcycle gear! Hundreds of close-outs, one-of-a-kinds, samples and catalog items are being offered at (gasp!) incredible savings. This is a once-in-a-lifetime pricing blowout – Save up ...

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Aerostich Heads to Chicago Oct. 9-12


Aerostich will be blowing into the Windy City with all of the latest riding gear and equipment for a special Four-Day Pop-Up event on October 9-12, 2014. Meet Aerostich factory experts and see, feel and try on all of the latest Aerostich riding gear, including the all-new ‘R3’ (Roadcrafter 3), Classic Roadcrafter City and Tactical Suits, NewWomen’s sized Roadcrafters, Utility ...

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New Video Showcases the Bohn Bodyguard System


ActionStations/Bohn Armor has released a new “Explainer Video” showing in simple terms how the Bohn Bodyguard System works. The main feature of the System is it’s lightweight and discreet profile—users usually wear the pants under blue jeans—so that the slim line performance armor is not noticeable and, most importantly, is in exactly the right place in case of a crash. ...

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BMW Motorrad and Dainese Partner to Develop Motorcycle Safety Clothing


BMW Motorrad and Dainese recently announced that they will be working together to develop motorcycle safety clothing for BMW Motorrad that includes the Dainese D-Air Protect System with fully integrated inflatable protectors. The first product, the DoubleR RaceAir one-piece leather suit with D-Air racing protectors, is being designed exclusively for use on the track. It is scheduled to be presented ...

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Blog: Throw Away Mentality? Give it the Boot.


Too often, things that just need a repair get thrown away. Perhaps the right parts aren’t available, or no one around has the skills and tools required to fix what’s broken. When the cost to buy new is small it may not be a big deal, but that wasn’t the case when I went to replace my riding boots. I’ve ...

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Zero Motorcycles Launches New Accessories and Apparel Line


Zero Motorcycles, a leader in the electric motorcycle industry, announced an all-new line-up of accessories and apparel. Designed to meet the needs of Zero’s electric rider base, Zero is offering new accessories from premium lockable hard case luggage to heated grips and seats. The accessories allow owners to customize their motorcycles in ways that work best for them. Zero has ...

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Cycle Gear Donates to Keep Trails Open in 2013


Cycle Gear, a retailer of motorcycle apparel and accessories, pledged $10,000 to the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) in support of the organization’s efforts to ensure continued access to public lands. The donation highlights Cycle Gear’s total fiscal commitment to the BRC Trail Access Fund for 2013. This is the 11th year in a row in which Cycle Gear has matched club ...

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