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Rider Alaska & Yukon Tour Part II

Cell Phone Blog Day 10 Miles: 1900-plus (Dawson City Group, 2600; Roger, lost count) New friends: 10 Border crossings: 4 Rain riding: 8-10 min. Amazing sunrises: 4 (asleep for sunsets so far) Mosquito Bites: 11 Belly laughs: 1298 Wasp stings: 1 Bear sightings: 2 Caribou: 1 Wolf: 1 Porcupine: 1 Tipovers: 1 2010 R 1200 GS MPG: 45.0 My 07 ...

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Rider Alaska and Yukon Tour with Ayres Adventures

“The last foreign country still friendly to Americans,” read the first, but far from last, hand-scrawled sign we would see expressing the many interesting sentiments Alaskans have for their state and visitors to it. These are independent folk up here, rugged individuals who are not a little suspicious of the “southerners” who come callin’ every summer. Motorcyclists on big, fancy ...

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Ride for Life

I hadn’t realized I’ve developed a spiel for talking with motorcycling newbies until just the other day. Like most of you I take pride in being something of a Do-It-Yourselfer, except when it comes to washing windows. Unless the Yourself happens to be you, that is, and then I’m fine with it. Seeing as how you weren’t around the other ...

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Pixel Addiction

I have a message for some of my colleagues (none on the Rider staff, thank goodness). I noticed something very disturbing on my last overseas press junket, and I need to get it off my chest. Quite often (and especially in these times of tight budgets), overseas press junkets have itineraries that are more like marathons. Fly in Day 1, arrive ...

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