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Maine Motorcycle Rides

Riding Maine’s Rugged, Winding Coast

Cadillac Mountain-10

Measured in a straight line, the entire coast of Maine from Kittery to Lubec isn’t even 230 miles long. Visit the Maine coast, however, and you realize that straight lines rarely apply. Maine has 3,478 miles of curvy, in-and-out, tidal shoreline. In the U.S., only Alaska, Florida and Louisiana have more. Riding a motorcycle is a great way to see ...

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Northeast Grand Slam: New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine


by Scott A. Williams photography by the author and Gregory R. North Lots of riders (your humble scribe included) have added GPS to their motorcycles. While I’m truly enjoying satellite navigation with turn-by-turn directions, hundreds of MP3 selections and thousands of points of interest, I did manage just fine for years without all that. The desire to explore has taken ...

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Onward to Madawaska, Maine


story and photography by Alan Paulsen The premise took hold in my mind after recently moving from San Diego to New York. Why not complete the journey from the extreme Southwest corner of the United States to the most Northeastern quadrant? On my map that looked to be Madawaska, Maine. All right, Rider hadn’t published a tour story about Maine ...

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Maine Motorcycle Rides: The Rangeley Lakes Region

Maine Motorcycle Touring: Height of Land Overlook

story and photography by Mike Benham [Maine Motorcycle Rides:The Rangeley Lakes Region was originally published in the May 2010 issue of Rider] Within five miles of each other are two scenic overlook areas on Maine’s spectacular Route 17, a State and National Scenic Byway to the Rangeley Lakes region. On a northbound circuit, the first lookout is called the Height ...

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