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Long Distance Motorcycle Travel

Waiting for the Volcano: Motorcycle Travel in Ecuador


I felt stupid. Not a new experience, to be sure. But this time, even more than usual. I’d been invited to ride a motorcycle through Ecuador. Which sounded like a great idea. It did, however, raise some basic questions. Like what—and where—is Ecuador? I feel just a little smarter now. It took 10 days of riding some of the most ...

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The Man Who Would Stop at Nothing (Book Review)

John Ryan in Key West

Writing about riding isn’t easy. Choosing and stringing together words to describe the visceral experiences and deeply felt passions of motorcycling, not to mention the essence of the mechanical contraptions that transport and transform the lives of men and women in profound ways, is difficult. I struggle with this endeavor almost every day, trying to communicate clearly and authentically to ...

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Last-Chance Adventure on the Trans-Labrador Highway


story and photography by Jeff McQueen Are you interested in an exciting dual-sport trip to a remote destination that isn’t 10,000 miles away? Do you like gravel roads, lots of saddle time and challenging riding? A ride on the Trans-Labrador Highway (TLH) will take you as far north as you can go on two wheels in Eastern Canada, and will ...

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Great (Mis)Adventure: Six Countries and Garmisch BMW Motorrad Meeting


story and photography by Kevin Ash This was going to need some serious spicing up. You’d expect a weekend gathering of 30,000 motorcyclists in a single place to be a source of countless laughs, drunkenness, wild stories, mad antics and mayhem. But 30,000 BMW owners? That’s the annual International BMW Motorrad Biker Meeting in Garmisch, an upmarket ski resort south ...

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Emilio Scotto's Epic Motorcycle Journey Around the World


Reprinted with permission from Honda’s Red Rider magazine People today often complain the age of adventure is dead, that there are no more frontiers left to explore. Emilio Scotto proved them wrong … by riding his Gold Wing (the Black Princess) 485,000 miles in 10 years, visiting 232 countries, islands, colonies, atolls and non-independent countries, which represents close to 99 ...

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Riding a Supersport Around the World


Editor’s note: English is Sjaak’s second language after Dutch. In editing his story, I tried to maintain his “colorful” personality without sacrificing clarity. “Why the heck an R1?! You do know you’re crazy?!” This is the reaction I get from people when they get their voice back, after losing it staring at the mean supersports machine I’ve made into a ...

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Temporarily Taking Life on the Road By Motorcycle


Jym and Ann Batey spent seven-and-a-half months touring the country, logging more than 28,000 miles on their motorcycles, without abandoning their home. This couple still lived their lives, paid bills and maintained a Web site of their travels. Here’s how they did it and how you, too, can take an extended trip without dropping out of society. Jym and Ann ...

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Motorcycle Travel from Canada to Mexico


Let me preface this little story with a simple statement: This was the best ride I have ever taken on the North American continent. I’ve motorcycled from Alaska to Panama, from Nova Scotia to Baja California, and this trip topped them all. Out of the blue, I get a phone call. “Hi. You don’t know me but my name is ...

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