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Clearwater Lights and CANopener for BMW Review


If you want to see better at night and be seen better by day as you ride your BMW tourer, consider installing super high-output LED auxiliary lights from Clearwater Lights. And use a CANopener. Unlike auxiliary wiring harnesses that are designed to circumvent BMW’s sophisticated CANbus wiring network, Clearwater Lights designed its aptly named CANopener module to leverage the CANbus ...

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Safe Ride LED Motorcycle Deceleration Warning Light Review

STOP! Motorists failing to recognize when motorcycles slow down in traffic can lead to dangerous collisions. Visibility is greatly increased with Safe Ride, a lighted early warning system for the back of your motorcycle. Its patented microprocessor-controlled G-force sensor activates a bright, strobing red LED to warn following vehicles that the motorcycle is decelerating before the brake light goes on. ...

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