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Lucky Stars and Fall Colors: Rider Blog


Sometimes good things just happen. It could be the alignment of the stars and the moon, it could be just blind luck or it could be a higher being smiling down on us on that day. I don’t know why, but when they do I don’t spend a lot of time asking why. After more than fifty years of living ...

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Blog: Goodbye Shadow


The other day I said goodbye to a friend of mine. It had been a little while coming. I went out to the garage and negotiated the obstacle course around the 1987 BMW K100LT that needs a new battery, the 1975 Honda CB750 that needs a tune up, the Honda Spree scooter that’s in pieces at the moment, the 2004 ...

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Blog: Rollin' Down Route 23 and Beyond


Spring brings April showers, May flowers and, like clockwork, a call from my buddy Bob, suggesting we take a “little” motorcycle trip, something in the neighborhood of five or six days, two or three thousand miles, with plenty of twisty two-lane blacktops and few interstates. Since my wife and I had to be in Ohio for a high school graduation, ...

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Iron Ponies


Some things are just meant to be. I really believe that. I’m not saying people don’t have some say in how they act or what they do, but some things present themselves in such a way that you just have to surrender to the moment and say “OK, I’ll play along.” It had been several months since I had visited ...

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The Company You Keep


So, I am officially a resident of Raleigh, North Carolina. The biggest changes I have encountered up to this point deal with the weather and apartment living. It’s a little cooler here than in South Georgia, but the sun has been shining almost every day, so the changes are minor. My adjustments to living in an apartment are also minor. ...

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The Dance


The last two weeks have been crazy. I’ve been thinking about another word to describe them and I keep coming up short. After having our home in South Georgia for sale for several months, two weeks ago a young couple from Alabama made us an offer. The crazy part is that they requested immediate possession. They were willing to pay ...

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