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Klim Stow Away Jacket

There’s nothing like a chilly downpour to dampen your spirits, especially when you’ve planned and dressed for a sun-soaked ride. The folks at Klīm, the dual-sport clothing specialists, have a solution to the sudden shower – their compact Stow Away jacket. It lets you dress for the sun but defend against the afternoon gully washer. Sewn from lightweight, breathable GoreTex material, the ...

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BMG Challenger Motorcycle Jacket Review

Review by Olaf Wolff [This BMG Challenger Motorcycle Jacket Review was originally published in the May 2008 issue of Rider magazine] The BMG Challenger three-quarter armored textile jacket packs a walloping first impression. From its striking appearance to its confidence-inspiring heft, there’s little doubt that the Challenger is dukeing it out in the heavyweight class–nothing wimpy, frilly, or lightweight going ...

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