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Motorcycling in Morocco: An Iberian Moto Tours Journey


Were I to believe everything on the news, I almost certainly never would have ventured into Morocco. And if I had listened to my friend’s jealousy-rooted rants, I may have been convinced that indeed, after 50, great adventures were all behind me. I’m pleased to declare that both sources were wrong. Scott Moreno, or Ali Baba as he’s referred to ...

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Emilio Scotto's Epic Motorcycle Journey Around the World


Reprinted with permission from Honda’s Red Rider magazine People today often complain the age of adventure is dead, that there are no more frontiers left to explore. Emilio Scotto proved them wrong … by riding his Gold Wing (the Black Princess) 485,000 miles in 10 years, visiting 232 countries, islands, colonies, atolls and non-independent countries, which represents close to 99 ...

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Iran: The Forbidden Country Through a Woman Rider's Eyes


Bring a woman into Iran? You must be crazy!” That was the reaction my boyfriend and I received from two Germans in full leathers on Yamahas at the border station. Frustrated and complaining, the pair was leaving the country after only three days, curtailing a planned two-week vacation. Two months earlier, George and I had left Lucca, Italy, with a ...

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Riding a Supersport Around the World


Editor’s note: English is Sjaak’s second language after Dutch. In editing his story, I tried to maintain his “colorful” personality without sacrificing clarity. “Why the heck an R1?! You do know you’re crazy?!” This is the reaction I get from people when they get their voice back, after losing it staring at the mean supersports machine I’ve made into a ...

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A Glimpse of Scotland: Motorcycling Adventure in Braveheart Country


A splendid land of shining lochs, ragged mountains, ancient castles and a right bloodthirsty long brawl of history, Scotland boasts some of the most gripping stretches of motorcycling tarmac in all Europe. So what if you might get all four weather seasons in one day? Having kicked about Spain, Germany, Hungary, Canada, the United States and even far-off Burma on ...

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Edelweiss Bike Travel Dolomites Touring Center


If the Alps were an oyster, for motorcyclists the Dolomites would be the shiny pearl in the center. Although formed at the same time as the famous crescent of mountains that spans six countries in Europe, the ragged peaks, spires and plateaus of the Dolomites are a unique fusion of rough, pale-colored calcium and limestone rock—dolomite—that sprang from an ancient ...

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Edelweiss Bike Travel’s Scouting Tour of Brazil


Brazil? Who would want to go ride a motorcycle in Brazil? Myself, for one, though with no real idea of where we would be going. The worldfamous beaches of Rio de Janeiro would be on the itinerary, of course, but other than that, where would Brazilian roads lead me? That is the fun of one of these Edelweiss “scouting tours”—not ...

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Iberian Moto Tours Tour of Pyrenees Mountains in Spain


(The article Fiesta and Siesta was printed in the February 2003 issue of Rider.) Spain is famous for its beaches, warm weather and the siesta. It’s less well known for its great motorcycling country and abiding love for two-wheeled transport. Iberian Moto Tours (IMT) has been offering tours in Spain, Portugal and Morocco for five years now. Each season’s riding ...

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