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Horizon Unlimited Achievable Dream DVD Series Review


Motorcyclists tend to be dreamers, captivated by the desire to explore new places and have new experiences. Perhaps that’s because our two-wheeled machines, extensions of ourselves that glide through space and time with grace, power and promise, are more like magic carpets than just modes of transportation. The masses pile into cars, buses, planes and cruise ships, their comfort assured ...

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Road Heroes: Motorcycle Adventure Travel Tales, Part 1 DVD Review


A tiny fraction of us will ever summit Everest, rocket into outer space or spend years traveling nonstop around the world. But we’re often mesmerized by the tales of those who complete such endeavors, the personalities of those willing to take on such challenges often as bold and fascinating as their adventures. The growth of the adventure touring segment over ...

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Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meeting

Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting

Motorcycle events are proliferating – which is a good thing. I was especially tickled when Horizons Unlimited (HU) called me up to say they were having a meeting in Cambria, 35 miles from my home. And would I like to give a presentation? Many readers might never have heard of HU, which is a collection of motorcyclists who have been ...

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