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2014 Honda VFR800 Interceptor – Road Test Review


Honda has unleashed so many new motorcycle models recently that one wonders where dealerships are going to put them all. The company is on a mission to convert flocks of the uninitiated into happy motorcyclists. As a result many of its new bikes—NM4, NC700, CTXs, etc.—have unorthodox styling and very beginner-friendly features and states of tune. In fact, at their ...

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2014 Honda CTX1300 Deluxe – Road Test Review

Honda’s all-new CTX1300 Deluxe_9759

Honda, like all motorcycle manufacturers, classifies its models into various categories such as touring, adventure, cruiser and sport. With the 2009 introduction of the DN-01, which had the twist-and-go transmission of a scooter, the seating position of a cruiser and futuristic styling, Honda created a new category it called “crossover.” Overpriced and underwhelming, the DN-01 didn’t last, but Honda stuck ...

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2013 Honda CB500X – Road Test Review

Honda CB500X_9215

The core of Honda’s praiseworthy, multi-bike response to the Global Financial Crisis and the distressed motorcycle market is the 2013 CB500 series, three bikes based upon the same engine, frame, running gear and one very key feature—a price under $6,000. For as little as $5,499 riders can avail themselves of the CB500F, an attractive, nimble standard shorn of expensive-to-fix bodywork. ...

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2014 Honda Grom 125 – First Ride Review


If you’re wondering what the heck a “grom” is, you’re not alone. Honda’s latest effort at winning over the young—and the young at heart—is called the MX125 in Europe and elsewhere, but that name was already trademarked in the United States and Japan. So the folks at American Honda, which is based in Torrance, California, not far from famous surf ...

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2013 Honda CB500F and CBR500R – First Ride Review

Naked Honda CB500F-0961

After several years of downturn-induced dormancy, Honda has released 22 new or significantly updated models since 2012—more bikes than some manufacturers have in their entire lineup. Honda builds and sells millions of two-wheelers every year, the vast majority of which are small-displacement runabouts sold in places like India and China. What enables Honda to bring a bumper crop of new ...

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2014 Honda CTX700 – Road Test Review

2014 Honda CTX700

If you’re an experienced motorcycle enthusiast, you’ve probably pigeonholed these new Honda CTXs as just beginner’s bikes and are about turn the page. Not so fast. That’s what any number of us old-timers thought when the NC700X/DCT was introduced, too. After testing it thoroughly (Rider, November 2012), we found the NC to be a surprisingly versatile mid-sized adventure bike at ...

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Honda PC800 Pacific Coast: 1989-90, 1994-98

1989 Honda PC800 Pacific Coast

What happens when motorcycle designers share a drawing board with automobile types? The answer may be the Honda Pacific Coast. Rumor had it that after Honda R&D Americas, Inc., was established in 1985 and began dealing with all Honda products, the word came down from above that the engineers and designers should get their heads and drawing pencils together and ...

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2013 Honda CB1100 – Road Test Review


Take a look around your garage. Is there an old radio that’s been tuned to a classic rock station for as long as you can remember? A bunch of Craftsman tools crowding a few precious Snap-On items in an old toolbox covered with fading stickers from Bell, Bates, NGK, Torco, and S&W or Mulholland Shocks? Most importantly, are the tire ...

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2013 Honda CBR600RR – First Ride Review


Ten years. More than 100,000 units sold. Multiple AMA Supersport and Formula Xtreme championships. Seven FIM World Supersport titles. Genesis for the official spec engine in Moto2 racing. Those are serious bona fides for a serious sportbike. Back in 2003, Honda introduced the first CBR600RR, a more track-focused middleweight sportbike that, for a few years, was produced alongside its more ...

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2014 Honda CTX700 and CTX700N – First Look Review

2014 Honda CTX700 in Cool Candy Red

At the Chicago round of the International Motorcycle Show, Honda announced updated colors and pricing for the recently released NC700X and the introduction of two new models, the CTX700 and CTX700N, both powered by the same 670cc parallel twin as the NC. This announcement rounds out the largest crop of all-new models introduced by Honda, or any manufacturer for that ...

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