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UClear HBC100 Moto Helmet Communicator Review


As great as many helmet communicators are at enabling on-the-road conversations between a rider and a passenger, or between riders on different motorcycles, and at streaming music and taking/making cellphone calls, they can also be fiddly gadgets that require patience to master. Installing them on helmets isn’t always easy, especially the placement of the microphone, which is either attached to ...

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Midland BT Next Motorcycle Intercom

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Remember when communicating with your passenger relied on hand signals, thigh pats and knee squeezes? ah, the good old days… OK, motorcycle intercom systems aren’t new, but Bluetooth technology makes them a lot easier to set up without hardwiring anything to your bike. You can share pithy observations with your riding buddies, plus hear GPS directions, music, radio, phone conversations ...

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Bluetooth Helmet Headset Buyers Guide


Among our many reasons to ride, lots of us like to get away from the constant communication involved in daily life, to be alone in our helmets with just our thoughts and the rush of the wind. Others among us wear helmets but regret the isolation that they and wind noise bring to the motorcycling experience, craving interaction on long ...

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Chatterbox XBi2 Communicators Review


Riding time is “me” time, with the plush interior of my helmet providing sanctuary from email, phone calls and deadlines. No iPod, rarely a GPS, just the voice in my head. I compose Pulitzer-winning stories on such rides, but something always gets lost in translation when I finally put words on paper. But that’s on solo rides. When I’m riding ...

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Chatterbox XBi Bluetooth Communicators Review


Riding two-up is a great way to share the experience of motorcycling. It is often done by couples, from first dates to spouses who have been married for decades. Riding together on the same motorcycle, feeling it accelerate and lean at the same time, can be a wonderful bonding experience. But typically communication about exciting moments or breathtaking views is ...

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