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Plug In, Stay Warm: The Joys of Electric Motorcycle Apparel

Tour Master Synergy2 Jacket.

Unless you live where the snow piles up hip-deep in winter, there’s no reason to stop riding when the mercury takes a nosedive. Heated clothing can extend your riding season far into winter, and kickstart it earlier in the spring. There’s no mystery to how it works. When you pass electric current though a wire, the wire heats up. That’s ...

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Fly Racing Ignitor Gloves Review


Winter is just another riding season here in Oregon, thanks mainly to snow-free weather and heated riding gear. But although I love heated gear, I’m not so fond of all the wires, especially the ones I have to thread through the sleeves of my jacket to power heated gloves. Now there’s a way to go wireless with heated gloves—the Ignitors from Fly Racing. The ...

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Buyers Guide: Heated Riding Apparel

Aerostich Airvantage Electric Vest

This Buyers Guide: Heated Riding Apparel was originally published in the March 2012 issue of Rider magazine] It was cold. Colder than a banker’s heart. Colder than a letter from your ex-wife’s lawyer—I mean it was cold! I was riding to the south rim of the Grand Canyon, it was March, and patches of ice glittered beside the road. The ...

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