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Hawaii Motorcycle Rides

Moto Aloha: Motorcycle Touring on Oahu

The author’s wife, son, and his son’s new bride look out over the North Shore surf.

In recent years, life has afforded me more opportunities to travel outside of the logistical scope of my motorcycle. While my bike can’t fly with me, my love of riding always does. To satiate that desire to experience new places properly—that is, from the seat of a motorcycle—I have taken to renting a bike in any distant place I go. My ...

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Hawaii Motorcycle Rides: Exploring The Big Island

Hawaii-Motorcycle Touring-Nelson-01

Story and photography by Joe Nelson [Hawaii Motorcycle Rides: Exploring The Big Island was originally featured in the April 2010 issue of Rider magazine] Arriving on the Big Island of Hawaii, I carried some typical expectations—great climate, sun-drenched beaches, arresting sunsets, even a steaming volcano. What I did not expect to find was a Pacific slice of motorcycling bliss. Never-ending ...

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