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Guided Motorcycle Tours

The Ultimate Alps with Edelweiss Bike Travel


About 50 million years ago, Africa, which was probably glancing down at its iPhone, crashed headfirst into Europe, which was just sitting in plate-tectonic traffic, minding its own business. Like the hood of a crash-test Mercedes, neither Europe nor Africa were ever the same. A big chunk of Africa wound up on the top of the Matterhorn. Which is great ...

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Adriatic Moto Tours Offers Romania to Istanbul Adventure in June

Adriatic Moto Tours has refreshed and improved its tour of Romania and Bulgaria by linking the two countries with one of the most interesting cities in the world—Istanbul. The 16-day tour will begin in Romania and will include visits to Bulgaria and Turkey. Three rest days will be spent in Sibiu, Plovdiv and Istanbul. The Romania to Istanbul Adventure will ...

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USA Tour Companies 2013/2014

Lake Mead_2301

Why go on a guided tour? Because motorcycles are meant to be fun, not hard work. You can enjoy the solitary freedom of the open road if you choose, or the camaraderie of the group ride. You don’t have to spend all afternoon worrying about where you will sleep that night. You may meet new friends out on the road, ...

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Adriatic Moto Tours' Czech-Hungary Tour


Recently, an ancient wooden wheel and axle were discovered near Ljubljana, Slovenia, which carbon dating revealed to be 5,200 years old. Now on display at a local museum, the Kolo Wheel is evidence that transportation has been a major concern and preoccupation in this region since the beginning. This display was a fitting sendoff for Adriatic Moto Tours’ Czech-Hungary Tour, ...

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Edelweiss to Kick Off 365-Day Discover Our Earth Expedition


Edelweiss Bike Travel will kick off its 365-day Discover Our Earth expedition in July 2014 and will give participants the chance to discover the planet step by step. Over the course of a year, Edelweiss will meander through six continents with interested riders being allowed to sign up for one or all of the eight sections of the tour. The ...

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Adriatic Motorcycle Tours' Beautiful Balkans Adventure


The Balkans. Not usually the first place that comes to mind when planning a motorcycle trip. When tasked with reviewing Adriatic Motorcycle Tours’ 15-day, four-country Beautiful Balkans Adventure, I had few preconceived notions about the region. As it turns out, vast forests, deep canyons, rugged mountains and rocky coastlines dotted with scenic islands, plus historic cities, minimal traffic and a ...

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Alaska and Yukon Ayres Adventures Rider Motorcycle Tour 2011

Glen Highway Alaska

photography by Clement and Sue Salvadori Alaska and Yukon Ayres Adventures Rider Motorcycle Tour 2011 was originally published in the October 2011 issue of Rider magazine] Ah, the last frontier! Well, sort of. That’s an Alaskan slogan, which has been around a long time. However, for citizens of the lower 48, and Hawaii, a trip to Alaska is an eye-opener. ...

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U.S. Guided Motorcycle Tours for 2011


by Andy Saunders • photo by Mark Tuttle Interested in a U.S. guided tour? The good news is the guided tour companies with the best service and the best value for the money are still around. When you’re touring independently, the snags and pitfalls of the trip are part of the adventure. With a guided tour, they’re minimized—your room is ...

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