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MotoDiscovery/Women’s Motorcycle Tours Announce Cuba All-Women’s Tour


Women’s Motorcycle Tours and MotoDiscovery are organizing the first ever all women’s motorcycle tour of Cuba, scheduled for March 18-26, 2017. The event will focus on “people to people” encounters throughout a country that until only recently was permitted tightly controlled access to US citizens, due to over a half-century travel embargo and U.S.-imposed sanctions. “Cuba has been calling me since ...

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MotoQuest’s Japan Three Island Tour


We knew we weren’t in Kansas anymore when the white-gloved driver briefly stepped off the airport bus after we boarded to pick up a cigarette butt on the sidewalk, and then the ground crew at the airport in Tokyo lined up at attention and cheerfully waved us off as our connecting flight left for Okayama, Japan. Imagine that at LAX or ...

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Ecuador Freedom’s Andes, Amazon and Pacific Coast Tour

Ecuador Freedom co-owner Court Rand (left) and the author get a refreshing shower along the Waterfall Route near Baños.

From the hot, humid Amazon rainforest, where we floated down the muddy Rio Arajuno in a motorized canoe and fed sugarcane to monkeys in Puerto Misahuallí, we began ascending the eastern slopes of the Andes. Soon conditions started to deteriorate. First came pelting rain, then came bone-chilling fog and finally our convoy of motorcycles got split in half by a ...

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Italian Alps and Dolomites Tour From Hear the Road Motorcycle Tours

Ride the famous Stelvio, Gavia and Mortirolo passes

The new Italian Alps and Dolomites tour is a 12-day tour that will excite motorcycle enthusiasts who have only dreamed about riding the famous Stelvio, Gavia and Mortirolo mountain passes—touching the villages of Siena, Modena, Bormio and Ravenna along the way. Italy-based Hear the Road Motorcycle Tours will start and end this challenging tour in Rome and tackle the Stelvio ...

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Harley-Davidson Tours by Edelweiss Bike Travel

Harley-Davidson tours by Edelweiss Bike Travel

The Harley-Davidson tours by Edelweiss Bike Travel are celebrations of a lifestyle. Join fellow riders who share a passion for Harley-Davidsons and experience the beauty of foreign countries while riding the latest models. A total of 11 Harley-Davidson tours are offered for 2016, ranging from 7-15 days in countries including Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and the United Kingdom. Travel ...

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Best of Baja Southbound Tour by MotoQuest

MotoQuest's Baja Southbound Tour is a 10-day tour to the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula.

MotoQuest is offering the Best of Baja Southbound tour from December 4-13, 2016. The tour features the best riding roads of Southern California and the epic journey all the way down to the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula. Participants will experience great riding, desert solitude, beaches, warm temperatures and authentic Mexican cuisine. The tour includes a free day ...

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Edelweiss Bike Travel’s Pearl of the Adriatic Tour


As our jetliner began its lumbering descent over Dubrovnik, Croatia, I noted from the window the contrast between a modern suspension bridge hanging by threadlike cables, and the Old City fronting on the Adriatic Sea, its blocky buildings with red tile roofs centuries old. While this mix of old and new was my first “Wow!” moment on Edelweiss Bike Travel’s ...

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Ron Ayres Rides On


Ron Ayres, founder of Ayres Adventures, passed away on August 26, 2015, at his home in Galveston, Texas. Ron had been diagnosed with cancer early last year. Ron went from a successful career in the corporate world to start one of the biggest motorcycle touring companies in the world, with a tour catalog of more than 90 pages. While an ...

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'Legendary Experiences' Tours Now Offered By Harley-Davidson Museum


The Harley-Davidson Museum is now offering Legendary Experiences, two signature Harley-Davidson tours featuring top-notch hotel and dining accommodations, behind-the-scenes experiences, VIP exhibit access and more. The Legends & Lakes Road Tour is a Detroit-to-Milwaukee motorcycle ride featuring Bill Davidson, great-grandson of Harley-Davidson founder William A. Davidson and vice president of the Harley-Davidson Museum that ends with a VIP reception at ...

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