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Great Roads Northeast

Carving up Southeastern Ohio

Hune Bridge in Ohio

A classic American riddle asks, “Why is the state of Ohio different?” The traditional answer is, “Because it’s HI in the middle and round on both ends (o-HI-o).” But there is another, equally valid response: “Because it’s a Midwestern state with roads that curve like crazy.” At least that’s the case in southeastern Ohio. I got my first taste of southeastern ...

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Riding the Backroads of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York


story and photography by Kenneth W. Dahse [Riding the Backroads of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York was originally published in the July 2011 issue of Rider magazine] There’s nothing more adventurous and satisfying than hitting the road for a few days, especially if the route you choose offers good motorcycling and a variety of sights and experiences. We love ...

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Little Poland Vintage Bike Shop in a Vintage Brooklyn Neighborhood


story and photography by Paul Garson Carl Jung, the pioneering psychoanalyst, once wrote a small book titled Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle that describes a mystifying phenomenon in which you encounter a whole bunch of apparently random coincidences clumped together under one particular subject. For example, you’ve been thinking about taking a trip to Poland to research a book project, ...

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Tri-state Motorcycle Tour: North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia


story and photography by Clement Salvadori [this article about a tri-state motorcycle tour in North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, “Riding the Snake,” was originally published in the June 2008 issue of Rider] “Today we’re going to ride The Snake,” said Dave, over a cup of coffee. “We’re going to what?” I asked. “Ride The Snake. It’s what they call a ...

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Northeast Grand Slam: New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine


by Scott A. Williams photography by the author and Gregory R. North Lots of riders (your humble scribe included) have added GPS to their motorcycles. While I’m truly enjoying satellite navigation with turn-by-turn directions, hundreds of MP3 selections and thousands of points of interest, I did manage just fine for years without all that. The desire to explore has taken ...

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Onward to Madawaska, Maine


story and photography by Alan Paulsen The premise took hold in my mind after recently moving from San Diego to New York. Why not complete the journey from the extreme Southwest corner of the United States to the most Northeastern quadrant? On my map that looked to be Madawaska, Maine. All right, Rider hadn’t published a tour story about Maine ...

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Connecticut is a River


story and photography by Bill Heald Find me a state and you’ll find a river named after it. This I believe with every fiber of my geographic knowledge, which I amazingly spotty. I also believe when a state does indeed share its name with a river, the river came first. This is my theory, and I’m sticking to it regardless ...

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Some of the Best of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania

story and photography by Kenneth W. Dahse When I think of a magnificent motorcycle trip it includes fantastic scenery, twisting roads, good restaurants, historic sights and a diversity of activities to experience. That’s why riding the borderlands of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania make a great motorcycling journey. Riders can cruise back-country roads alongside glistening lakes and the crystal-clear ...

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A New Jersey Homecoming


by Perri Capell photography by Perri Capell and Lynn Brown Many motorcyclists don’t have New Jersey on their hit parade of tours because of its reputation for, well, ugliness. Sure, I wouldn’t give you a plugged nickel for some of the views from the New Jersey Turnpike. But I spent almost 20 years in New Jersey before moving out West. ...

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U.S. 20 New York—400 Years of History in 300 Miles


story and photography by Clement Salvadori The curse of the touring motorcyclist is to be in a hurry. Too often we rush along, just to get to our destination, and miss all the really good things to see along the way. I fall victim to the rush-along syndrome at times. After doing my stint at Americade, I was headed back ...

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