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Great Roads Northeast

Camping in the New York Catskills


Nothing is more exciting than taking off on a motorcycle trip for several days, and nothing adds to the adventure and challenge more than camping along the way. Motorcycle camping offers you a more intimate experience by adding a total immersion in nature. One great place for both beginner and veteran motorcycle campers to experience such a trip is the ...

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The Long Way Home in Western New York


As motorcyclists, we need the freedom riding gives us from phone calls and everyday family and work pressures. If you are like me, it’s rare to find time for an extended tour or even a weekend away. Over the years, I have tried to perfect a route near my home that features lots of turns, little traffic and stunning views. ...

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The Borderlands: A Colorful Cruise Through the Northeast


Like many riders, my favorite motorcycle-touring season is the fall. Mother Nature explodes with bountiful colors, scented breezes, vibrant blue skies and dramatic clouds floating across the heavens. That’s why my friends, Joe and Lynn Loverchio, and I chose the beginning of October to explore the borderlands of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The back roads of this tri-state ...

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Riding Vermont Historic Route 7A


Many of Vermont’s roads were built a couple of centuries ago when oxen pulled wagons. Now merely covered by asphalt, these narrow serpentine roads still undulate across the landscape through the moist shade of forests and fields bordered by stone walls. It’s motorcycle-riding paradise. In the cool hours of early morning, I crossed the state from the Connecticut River to ...

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Riding Pennsylvania’s Northeast Corner


When I want to enjoy a fantastic ride, I look for a place with a diversity of sights, great roads, and the opportunity to cruise through scenic areas with farms, lakes, rivers and small towns. My Favorite Ride that fulfills all of those criteria is in Pennsylvania’s northeast corner. The area runs from Milford north to Lanesboro on the New ...

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Riding Maine’s Rugged, Winding Coast

Cadillac Mountain-10

Measured in a straight line, the entire coast of Maine from Kittery to Lubec isn’t even 230 miles long. Visit the Maine coast, however, and you realize that straight lines rarely apply. Maine has 3,478 miles of curvy, in-and-out, tidal shoreline. In the U.S., only Alaska, Florida and Louisiana have more. Riding a motorcycle is a great way to see ...

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Motorcycle Touring in West Virginia (and a Bit of Virginia)

Burkes Garden, Virginia_3514

There’s an old joke about the Mountain State that goes something like this: “If you could flatten out West Virginia, it would be as big as Texas!” While my goal was to spend a few days riding my Buell Ulysses around West Virginia from my home in Tennessee, I needed to cut across the western tip of Virginia to get ...

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Great Motorcycle Riding in Southeastern Ohio

Ohio State Route 93_1379

Each day in Jackson, Ohio, I ride State Route 93, which shares its title with Main Street until it pops out on the other side of town. Seeing it wind its way north, presumably to other small towns, made me wonder what other burgs and villages lay on its path. After a quick text message to a motorcycling buddy, we ...

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Motorcycle Riding Through Scenic Eastern New York

New York Horses---29

I glanced down at the clock on my GPS and saw the time change from 6:59 to 7:00 a.m. I looked back up and saw Doug Gray pull into our meeting spot. Punctuality is a quality I have long associated with Doug. I’ve also learned to appreciate his ability to combine interesting roads into great routes. That skill is informed ...

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New England: Revisiting Old Haunts, And Some New, In The Six States

Ocean Drive in Newport, Rhode Island

The sun was shining, the day was warm, and traffic minimal. It was like old times, traveling along Route 66 (Massachusetts, not U.S.) into the Berkshire Hills, T-boning into Route 112 as it runs alongside the Westfield River, heading north to Worthington, then east on Route 143 through Chesterfield—all roads I was familiar with from riding my first motorcycle, an ...

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